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If you’re doing research in preparation for purchasing a portable shed our goal is to help you find the right information about the wooden garden shed that you would like to buy. We’re constantly adding new articles and information to this page so feel free to check back often for updates.

Our prefabricated sheds features page includes more information on how we build our sheds. We build some of the nicest sheds for sale in Georgia, so if you have specific questions about outbuildings for sale, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Car shed

Car Sheds 101: A Complete Guide

What is a car shed? Can you even put a car in a shed? What types of car sheds are available? What's the best car shed? We answer all these questions and more!

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backyard sheds for sale in georgia

Backyard Sheds: Comparing 4 Best-Selling Styles in 2021

If you're searching for a backyard shed in Georgia in 2021, you need to compare these 4 popular styles. Learn about each type of shed and get tips for choosing your own.

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shed siding

The Top 5 Shed Siding or Exterior Shed Wall Materials

A key component to building a durable shed is choosing the right shed siding material. We break down the five best options, as well as reveal our top pick.

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residential shed in wrightsville, ga

8 Residential Shed Ideas

Residential Sheds are becoming very popular and people are realizing how much money they can save by cutting their living expenses with a shed or cabin.

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portable storage building prices hephzibah ga

Portable Storage Building Prices: How Much Should a Shed Cost?

Portable storage buildings come in all shapes and sizes and with a wide range of price tags. This article will help you decide how much you should spend on a storage shed.

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durastor structures ga website launch

DuraStor Structures Launches a New Website

Durrel Strite was 14 years old when he built his first shed. Now he's the owner of DuraStor Structures in central Georgia. Learn more about the company and the recent website launch.

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garages and sheds construction terms

Sheds And Garages: Defining 8 Construction Terms

We’ve prepared this article to help you understand construction terms so that you can be a smarter shopper for your next shed or garage.

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shed with loft quality features waynesboro ga

10 Must Have Features in a Wood Storage Shed

When shopping for a shed you’ll find that wood storage shed builders have different ways of doing things. Here is a list of 10 features that you should expect in your new shed.

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yard shed uses

10 Ways to Use Yard Sheds

Sheds are often used for storing things like garden tools, mowers, sports equipment, and bicycles. Here's a list of 10 other ways to use a shed that will stir your imagination.

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