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Custom Sheds: Are They Right for You?

Sherzod Ayubov - August 26, 2022

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What are Custom-built Sheds?

Custom sheds are prefab sheds that have been modified to fit your specific needs. Custom sheds are often more expensive than mass-produced sheds from Home Depot or Lowes. Custom sheds are extremely popular even if it they carry a slightly heftier price tag. Why are custom sheds popular? Let’s dive in!

custom storage sheds in georgia

Why are Custom-Designed Sheds Better?

Custom shed builders start with a generic design and modify the design according to your needs. Since your custom shed is not mass-produced on a factory line, it will be a higher quality shed. Here is why.

Less Maintenance

Each custom shed is handcrafted. Many custom shed builders use higher quality materials such as LP siding and pressure-treated skids. Pressure-treated skids resist rot longer while in contact with the ground. LP Smartside is an engineered wood product designed to resist rot and decay. These panels will hold up to extreme weather conditions better than standard plywood. More robust materials and better craftsmanship make custom sheds last longer.

Color and Design

Here is where you can have fun! If you have a mass-produced shed, you can repaint it yourself, or if you are ordering a custom shed, you can choose a custom color. Custom sheds allow you to match your shed design with your house and property. A great-designed shed will raise the value of your property! Custom color is essential to make your shed unique when designing your she shed or hobby shed!


As mentioned a few paragraphs above, custom sheds made by dedicated shed builders will last longer since they are built with better materials. You will see a 5-10 year life span for a shed kit, but a custom shed will last around 30+ years! You can upgrade a custom shed with even more robust materials to last even longer!

custom sheds paint

What can I Customize When Picking Out Sheds?

Everyone will have different needs, For example, a she-shed or a hobby shed will need more windows for natural light, and a mechanic’s shed will need oversized doors, shelves, and a ridge vent for good ventilation. The options are limitless when customizing your shed or purchasing a new custom shed! Here are our top 8 tips for customizing your shed.


Don’t settle for a standard door! You need an insulated door if you plan to have a she shed, hobby shed, or tiny home. You can add a windowed door to let extra natural light into your shed. For a tool shed or garden shed, a standard door will work. If you need to store a lawnmower, add a double door so you can drive your mower into your shed. Check out the range of doors available on Durastor’s options page.

custom sheds with dormers


Natural light is essential for a she-shed, workshop, or hobby shed. You can add larger windows, an extra window, or a windowed door. You can even add a dormer window to some custom sheds!

custom sheds windows


Unlike shed kits, custom sheds have many roofing options available! Our 30-year shingles come in a variety of colors! Choose a color to match your home, and your custom shed will belong on your property! You can also purchase a custom shed with a metal roof. Metal roofs are available in many colors as well. If you need extra ventilation, add a ridge vent. You can also install a vapor barrier which can lower the inside temperature by 30 degrees in the summer!

custom sheds roofing


Most pre-built sheds have plywood installed. Custom Sheds are upgradeable with heavier duty flooring to stand up to heavy items. If you are finishing the shed for a home office or a she shed, you can install carpet, linoleum, hardwood vinyl, and many other flooring options. Some custom sheds come with extra floor runners. Floor runners are essential to resist floor sagging.

custom sheds flooring

Siding and Trim Color

Pre-built shed kits only come in a set range of colors. Not custom sheds! There is a plethora of shed siding and trim colors available! If you can’t find the color you want, it is easy to paint the shed yourself! A custom paint scheme allows you to match your house, so your shed will not be an eyesore.

Custom sheds Colors


Why settle for standard windows? Shutters are the extra aesthetic that will finish off your custom shed look. There are multiple shutter color styles available for custom sheds. Match your custom shed trim color to your shutters to tie the look together!

custom sheds shutters


Shelves are the perfect addition to your custom shed! However, not all shelves are perfect for you. That is why most manufacturers build custom shelves for their custom sheds. Talk to your local dealer, and they will make custom shelving that is the perfect size for your needs. You will need a bookshelf, desk, and furniture for an office shed or she-shed. A local furniture store will be the best source for office furniture and bookshelves that you need.

custom sheds shelving


Are you customizing your shed to be a living space? Add a porch! A porch is a grand entrance and is ideal for someone to enjoy the outdoors. Custom sheds have a variety of custom add-ons not available with a shed kit. Check out this blog to find out about sheds with porches’ uses and benefits. 

Custom sheds are great as a workshop. Add a garage door and ramp to drive your equipment or vehicles inside quickly! There are too many add-ons for custom sheds for us to list here! Talk to your nearest shed dealer or check out Pinterest for ideas to customize your shed to view the options available!

custom sheds with end porch 1

What Style are Sheds Good to Customize?

Wood sheds are the most straightforward sheds to customize. If you already own a woodshed, you can easily add windows, upgrade doors, add shelves, etc. Wooden interiors are easier to customize with hooks, pegboards, and workbenches since you can easily attach them to the wall.

What are the Best Uses of Custom Build Sheds?

Recording Studio.

You can easily add soundproofing materials for the perfect recording environment. A custom shed will be isolated from your home, so you will not need to worry about excess background noise. A custom shed would be perfect as a personal recording studio!

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Writer’s Studio.

Imagine your private studio for you to escape to for writing. You can create the space you need for your writing inspiration with a custom shed! Customize the shed with a desk, lights, and all the necessities required for writing.

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Artist Studio

A backyard custom shed is a perfect area for your private art studio! Natural light is best for painting, so customize your shed with plenty of windows! Add plenty of cabinets and shelves to store your essential art supplies. Add your easel and furniture, and you are all set! If you would like to know more about the uses of studio sheds, then read this article here.

custom shed studio

Hobby Shed

A custom backyard shed is a perfect space for pursuing your hobbies! You will free up storage space in your house, and you will be able to customize your shed to fit your hobby! Customize your shed with shelves, workbenches, and pegboards to create the ultimate workshop. Add ramps and a garage door for easy car or equipment access.

custom shed hobby shed

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She Shed

A she shed is the female equivalent of a man cave. A backyard shed is a perfect solution as a spot to relax away from the noise. Your she shed can be your space to read, listen to music, garden, or do whatever you use to unwind. Custom sheds are perfect as a she shed since it is easy to decorate and make it uniquely your own!

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Garden Shed

A custom shed will last longer than a mass-produced shed, perfect for backyard storage. To maximize space, add a loft and shelves to your storage shed. Add hooks to the walls to hang any garden tools that you need. A double door and ramp will be perfect for storing your lawnmower and tiller in your personalized garden shed!

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Where Can I Get Custom Sheds?

By Shed Builders

Custom sheds are handmade by craftsmen using their many years of experience and last longer than a shed kit! You can purchase a shed kit and customize it yourself or save the hassle and hire a custom shed builder. Generally, custom shed builders manufacture several base models, which they will upgrade with any custom options you need. For example, Director Structures manufactures four different base shed styles. Once you pick a shed style, Durastore will customize the color, windows, roof, and other custom options. Visit the options page to see the full line of custom add- ons they offer.

Using 3D Builders

Are you having a hard time visualizing your shed? A 3D shed builder is an answer! Many custom shed builders have 3D builders on their websites. You can use a 3D builder to customize a shed and see the results in real-time! Once you have the design you want, submit a quote request, and they will get back to you!

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Is a custom shed correct for you? Yes! A custom shed will last longer than a mass-produced shed and is tailored to your needs. A custom shed will require less maintenance and increase your home’s value and curb appeal. A custom shed will hold value and be a better investment in the long run.

Design Your Own Shed or Get It Pre-Built!