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Not all prefabricated sheds are built the same. That’s why we encourage you to take the time to research your options before making a purchase. We want to help you sort through all of the construction terms that builders use so that you can make a well-informed decision.

We’re confident that you won’t be disappointed if you invest in a prefabricated shed that is built to last. When you’re shed becomes an important part of your life, you won’t regret paying attention to options and features that make using the shed easier and ensure that you’re shed will be around for a long time.

prefabricated sheds 4x6 runner compare warner robins ga

4x6 Pressure Treated Runners - Not notched for full strength and a floor that resists sagging

prefabricated sheds 34 sanded plywood macon ga

¾” Sanded Floor Plywood ** - For a heavy-duty floor surface

prefabricated sheds 3 inch flooring nails august ga

Plywood Nailed with 3” Ring Shank Nails - For a floor that will never come apart

prefabricated sheds 2x6 runner connector dublin ga

Runners Joined with 2x6 - To get the full strength of a 4x6 runner

prefabricated sheds 2x6 floor joists sandersville ga

2x6 Pressure Treated Floor Joists 16” on Center * - For a sturdy floor frame

* 12” on center (Garage) and 2x4 floor joists 16” on center (Utility Shed)
** ¾” pressure treated floor plywood (Garage) and 5/8” sanded floor plywood (Utility Shed)

prefabricated sheds steel frame connectors hawkinsville ga

Steel Frame Connector Plates - For a door frame that won’t fall apart

prefabricated sheds recessed door jambs jackson ga

Recessed Door Jambs - For a water tight seal

prefabricated sheds locking latch sylvania ga

Keyed Latch - To keep your belongings secure

prefabricated sheds diamond plate louisville ga

Diamond Plated Door Threshold * - To protect the floor edge

prefabricated sheds dead bolts hazlehurst ga

Heavy Duty Barrel Latches (on double doors) - To keep your belongings secure

prefabricated sheds adjustable tension rods forsyth ga

Adjustable Tension Rods - To make sure the door seals properly when closed

prefabricated sheds 2x4 door frame hephzibah ga

2x4 Frame - For a sturdy door frame

* Diamond plated garage door threshold w/ raised edge - Designed to prevent leaks on garage doors and protect the floor

prefabricated sheds window with shutters mccrae ga

24”x36” Window w/ Shutters - To add visual appeal and let light and air into the building

prefabricated sheds tech shield sheathing jackson ga

7/16 Radiant Barrier OSB Roof Decking - To reduce the temperature in the shed by as much as 30 degrees

prefabricated sheds steel plates sylvania ga

Steel Rafter Connectors - For rafters that won’t come apart

prefabricated sheds siding trim louisville ga

50 yr. Smart Panel Siding and Trim - For a siding and trim that stands up to weather extremes

prefabricated sheds shelving package hazlehurst ga

Shelving Package - To organize your stuff

prefabricated sheds ridge vent forsyth ga

Roof Ridge Vent - To remove hot air that collects in the building

prefabricated sheds rafters warner robins ga

Premium 2x4 Rafters 24" on Center - For a sturdy roof structure

prefabricated sheds paint macon ga

25 yr. Satin Paint - For long lasting beauty and protection

prefabricated sheds loft dublin ga

Full Overhead Loft - For storing smaller items off the ground

prefabricated sheds garage door sandersville ga

8x7 Garage Door - To allow access for vehicles and large items

prefabricated sheds gable vent milledgeville ga

Gable Vents - To allow air to move through the building

prefabricated sheds concrete blocks eastman ga

Installed and Leveled on Concrete Blocks - To make sure you shed sits level and the doors operate properly

prefabricated sheds 36 inch 9 lite door vidalia ga

36” Fiberglass Door w/ 9 Lite Window - For a rot resistant door (compare to metal clad door with wood)

prefabricated sheds 30 year shingles lyons ga

30 yr. Shingles - For long lasting protection from wind and rain

prefabricated sheds 2x8 top plate perry ga

2x8 Top Wall Plate - For a sturdier wall that resists bowing

prefabricated sheds 2x4 wall studs baxley ga

Premium Grade 2x4 Wall Studs 16" on Center - For sturdy walls and a clean interior appearance

Learn more about the benefits and advantages of wood sheds by reading our article on portable storage building prices.

Superior Delivery Service

In addition to a building with quality construction features, you’ll get superior delivery service when you purchase a building from DuraStor structures. Our delivery service includes free delivery within 70 miles of our location in Dublin GA and free level setup*. Our free delivery radius covers most of the area around Dublin, Milledgeville, Macon, Warner Robins, Statesboro, and even parts of Augusta!

*on sites up to 12″ within level

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