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Premium Storage Sheds in Macon GA

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Storage Buildings in Macon: Beauty and Practicality

Are you a resident of Macon, GA, or surrounding areas? We’re happy to announce that we are now offering our quality storage sheds in Macon GA. In the years ahead, we hope to help many of you find the right storage building that fits your budget and your needs!

Durrel Strite (managing owner of DuraStor Structures) has been in the storage shed building business ever since he was old enough to swing a hammer. His experience has allowed him to develop a unique line of storage buildings that is sure to impress the quality-conscious homeowner. If you have any questions about our storage buildings as you browse around our site, you can always call Durrel directly on his cell phone at (478) 595-6513. (please leave a message outside of normal business hours)

Storage Sheds For Sale Near Macon GA

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10x12 Utility Shed

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12x20 Utility Shed

$6428.00 SALE! $6115.60

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10x16 Lofted Barn Max

$5884.00 SALE! $5589.80

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12x32 Garden Shed Max

$13032.00 SALE! $10997.00

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10x20 Lofted Barn Max

$7328.00 SALE! $6595.20

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12x20 Garden Shed Max

$7729.00 SALE! $6971.10

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10x20 Lofted Barn Max

$7553.00 SALE! $7186.60

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12x32 Garden Shed Max

$11382.00 SALE! $10824.15

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12x16 Garden Shed Max

$6432.00 SALE! $6110.40

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Portable Buildings in Macon GA

The Garden Shed Max

Is your home feeling too crowded? If so, you might want to consider expanding into a Garden Shed Max. Whether you need more storage space or additional living space, a Garden Shed Max is cut out for the job. This storage shed will make a valuable addition to any backyard. Here are some of the features of the Garden Shed Max:

  • Choice of Metal or Shingle Roof
  • 2 Windows and 1 Double Door
  • 50-year Smart Panel Siding

The Lofted Barn Max

Overhead storage comes in plentiful supply with the Lofted Barn Max. It’s a great option if you need room for lots of small boxes. If you store all of your smaller items overhead you might still have room to turn this shed into a workshop at your Macon GA home. Choose from a variety of options including siding and roof colors, ramps, vents, and much more. Here are some of this shed’s features:

  • Spacious Interior with Gambrel Trusses 
  • Optional Porch Area
  • 1 0r 2 Lofts (depending on shed size)

The Garage

With the Garage, you get a premium storage building with an overhead door on the one end. You also get a 3′ wide door and a window (but you always have the option to add more doors and windows as needed). The Garage is big enough to park your car or SUV and comes with a heavy-duty floor that’s more than strong enough to hold your vehicle. Here are some features:

  • 8×7 Overhead Garage Door
  • 9 Lite Entry Door
  • 2×6 Pressure Treated Floor Joists at 12″ OC

The Utility Shed

There was hardly ever a shed so practical as the Utility Shed. With a little creativity, this shed could be used in hundreds of ways. Unlike cheap plastic sheds, this well-built wood-framed shed is built to last. Add value to almost any property with a well-built utility shed. The Utility shed is the perfect option for a garden storage shed in Macon, GA. Here are some of it’s features

  • 50 year Smart Panel Siding
  • 1 6′ Wooden Double Door
  • Optional Wiring Package

Custom Sheds in Macon GA

Nowadays, customizing your storage shed is low risk. That’s because we offer a cutting-edge 3D design tool to help you in visualizing your shed before you place your order. You can also get instant price quotes directly within our 3D builder. Have fun playing around with colors, window and door placements, and many other options in our powerful 3D shed designer! Here’s a list of things you can do with this tool: 

  • Select the model, size and color of your garage
  • Add extra windows and doors
  • Choose between different flooring materials
  • Add shelving, lofts, and electrical packages
  • And more! Try it out today!

Our Shed Projects in Georgia

Your Macon GA Storage Shed Builder

Durrel Strite has been building sheds ever since he was 14 years old. During his many years of working in the shed industry, Durrel learned that great customer service and top-notch products are two important keys to operating a successful storage shed company. Today, Durrel aims to build a company that delivers on those two key principles. Here are a few more reasons to consider buying your next storage shed in Macon GA from DuraStor Structures.

  • Rent-to-own option available. If you don’t have the cash but need more storage space now, rent-to-own may be your solution.
  • Hassle free setup. DuraStor Structures will provide the blocking to level your building on sites up to 18” off level. We offer delivery to Macon and the surrounding areas, like Warner Robins and Perry, GA.
  • An owner operated company. Get great customer service when you connect directly with Durrel.
  • Cutting edge design tool. Use our 3D builder to design your building and see it before you order.

Design Your Own Shed or Get It Pre-Built!