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If you’re looking for portable buildings in Milledgeville GA, we would love to guide you to the building you need. We offer pre-built portable buildings in Georgia that are ready-to-purchase or you can customize any one of our storage buildings using our cutting-edge 3D builder. Whatever you prefer, our goal is to help you find the portable storage shed or garage that best meets your needs!

Prebuilt Sheds for Quick Delivery to Milledgeville GA

If you’d rather not be bothered with designing your own portable building, why not check out our pre-built sheds page. We normally keep a nice selection of prebuilt buildings in stock for our customers who are looking for a quick and easy storage shed solution. Both our pre-built and custom sheds are available as rent-to-own sheds if you don’t have the cash on hand for a full purchase today.


If you’re like most of our customers, you have a clear idea in your mind about how you plan to use your new portable shed or garage but you’re not sure which one of our styles will best meet your needs. Well, we’re here to help you narrow down your options. Let’s start by identifying some of the most common shed uses (see above). Do any of these uses describe your situation? If so, click on the text below the photo to see suggested shed designs. If you had another use in mind, click on the "custom" shed text to design your own building using our 3D builder.

Portable Buildings in Milledgeville GA

(click on a design to customize it in our 3D design tool or start from scratch)


Sheds for Storage

Any one of our portable buildings is great for storage. But if you’re looking for no-frills, basic storage, then our Utility Shed might appeal to you. We’ve built these sheds to last. They feature our 30- year shingles and 50-year siding and trim. You’ll a reasonably priced shed that will last for years to come!

12×20 Utility Shed

portable buildings milledgeville ga

10×12 Utility Shed

portable buildings milledgeville ga

Or maybe you need to store a vehicle or other large items. In that case you’ll want to check out our garage shed. The overhead door allows you to access the building with your car, SUV, pickup truck, or motorcycle and the heavy duty floor provides plenty of support for heavy objects.

12×24 Garage

portable buildings milledgeville ga

14×32 Garage

portable buildings milledgeville ga

Sheds for Living

The portable building in our line that’s best suited for use as living space is the Garden Shed Max. This heavy-duty shed is built to last and can easily be finished on the inside to suit your tastes. (Note: we don’t provide interior finishing services at this time, but you could do it yourself or hire a contractor.) Ask us about adding a porch for the ultimate tiny home-style living solution.

12×24 Garden Max

portable buildings milledgeville ga

14×40 Garden Max

portable buildings milledgeville ga

Sheds for Workspace and Hobbies

While any one of our buildings can be turned into a work or hobby space, the building that’s the best fit for you depends a lot on how you plan to use it. If you need a basic workshop, try the Utility Shed. For something with a few more perks, try the Garden Max. If you’re looking to combine a workspace with extra storage, then the Lofted Barn Max is certainly your best choice. The Lofted Barn Max comes with plenty of overhead storage space. No matter which design you choose, be sure to add extra windows for increased natural lighting on the interior.

12×20 Utility Shed

portable buildings milledgeville ga

12×20 Lofted Barn Max

portable buildings milledgeville ga

Committed to Serving Our Neighbors in GA

We are a small family owned shed company committed to providing the people of Milledgeville GA with premium portable buildings. If you’re in need of advice about which building will best fit your needs, or if you have any other questions, we would be happy to take your call at 478-595-6513. The number listed on our site goes directly to Durrel’s cell phone. That’s the kind of personal service we aim to give all of our customers!

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