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If you’re doing research in preparation for purchasing a portable shed our goal is to help you find the right information about the wooden garden shed that you would like to buy. We’re constantly adding new articles and information to this page so feel free to check back often for updates.

Our prefabricated sheds features page includes more information on how we build our sheds. We build some of the nicest sheds for sale in Georgia, so if you have specific questions about outbuildings for sale, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

custom sheds

Custom Sheds: Are They Right for You?

Is a custom shed correct for you? Custom sheds are prefab sheds that have been modified to fit your specific needs. Custom sheds are often more expensive than mass-produced sheds from Home Depot or Lowes. Custom sheds are extremely popular even with a higher price tag. Why? Let's dive in!

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12x20 shed in georgia3

A 12x20 Shed – Is that the Right Size for You?

While a 12x20 shed provides spacious and versatile space for numerous storage and use possibilities, The question may still be, is a 12x20 shed the right size for you? If you are seriously considering a 12x20 storage shed keep on reading to learn about its popular styles, available interior space, uses, prices, and much more.

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12x16 Shed: Price, Siding Materials, Flooring, Foundation and So Much More

A 12x16 shed is a very popular shed size which may be the reason you landed on this article in the first place. You know where the good stuff is at! In this article, let’s discuss 12x16 pricing and costs, its materials, its size, foundation options, and more!

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shed house in georgia

How To Build a Shed House

Do you need a hunting cabin? Do you want to build a vacation cottage on the lake? A shed may be the answer! In this guide, we cover the basic design steps to convert your shed into a shed house!

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10×16 Sheds: Space What You Need

Do you want a separate space for your home office, home gym, equipment, or workshop? Do you wish your garage had more elbow room? If you have been asking these questions, 10x16 sheds may be the solution you are looking for! Why should you consider a 10x16 shed versus a smaller size? If you are hoping...

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portable car garage in georgia

The Portable Car Garage: Everything You Need to Know

In this blog, you will discover everything you need to know about portable car garages. Beginning with the definition, its cost based upon buildings routes, styles, how to plan your own, uses, and more!

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outbuildings for sale in georgia

Outbuildings for Sale in Georgia

In this Outbuildings for sale blog, the goal is to equip you with answers to all the important and popular questions concerning outbuildings and particularly sheds and garages.

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a small storage shed near me 1600x1600 1

Small Storage Sheds: What You Should Know

What are small storage sheds? What styles of small storage sheds are available? Why choose a small storage shed rather than a bigger one? How much does a small storage shed cost? What can I store in a small storage shed? We answer all these questions surrounding small storage sheds and more!

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dutch yard barns in ga

Yard Barns in Georgia: Comparing Current Prices

Explore our updated Yard Barn prices and see if they're right for you. From our standard Yard Barns to our premium Garage Yard Barns, find your next storage space today.

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art hobby shed in hawkinsville georgia

Bob's Painting Hobby Shed in Hawkinsville GA

Bob Schmucker and his wife thank the DuraStor Structures business! They were pleased to work with Durrel and his team on their Painting Studio project. So much so, that they look forward to doing more business with DuraStor Structures in the future.

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Car shed

Car Sheds 101: A Complete Guide

What is a car shed? Can you even put a car in a shed? What types of car sheds are available? What's the best car shed? We answer all these questions and more!

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backyard sheds for sale in georgia

Backyard Sheds: Comparing 4 Best-Selling Styles in 2021

If you're searching for a backyard shed in Georgia in 2021, you need to compare these 4 popular styles. Learn about each type of shed and get tips for choosing your own.

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