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If you’re doing research in preparation for purchasing a portable shed our goal is to help you find the right information about the wooden garden shed that you would like to buy. We’re constantly adding new articles and information to this page so feel free to check back often for updates.

Our prefabricated sheds features page includes more information on how we build our sheds. We build some of the nicest sheds for sale in Georgia, so if you have specific questions about outbuildings for sale, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

building plans

Shed Permits in Georgia: A Comprehensive Guide

Trying to understand shed permits and regulations can be confusing and frustrating. That's why we've written a blog about shed permits in Georgia. We hope this blog will bring clarity and help you with your shed building process.

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Supply Shelf

Shed Shelving Ideas For Your Shed

Is your shed getting too cluttered? These shed shelving ideas could help you stay organized and “increase” more space in your shed to avoid clutter.

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10x16 Garden Shed Max In Statesboro GA

Small Shed Interior Ideas For Your Backyard Shed

Have you been stressing about what to do with the shed in your backyard? Are you looking for interior ideas for your shed? Stress no more!

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2 Story Sheds With Porches

The Backyard Storage Shed Guide

This article will cover storage shed shelving, ramps, and design ideas. We'll also go over how to build a storage shed from scratch and how to move your shed if you ever want to change the layout of your backyard.

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shed flooring

All You Need To Know About Shed Floor

As well as shed flooring options, they have pros and cons. In this article, we'll discuss what you need to know about shed floors, how to build a shed floor, how to replace a shed floor, and how to insulate a shed floor. We will also discuss how to maintain a shed floor, so you don't have to waste much money on maintenance.

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shed doors

What You Need to Know About Shed Doors

The best size shed doors you can have are ones that meet the needs of why you have a shed in the first place. The standard shed door size is 6ft tall x 6.5ft wide. This allows people to easily access the shed while also allowing machinery and equipment to be stored inside as well.

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custom sheds with front porch 1600x1600 1

Sheds With Porches: Uses and Benefits

You may already realize that outdoor sheds can be used for various purposes. Did you also know that you can customize your new shed to feature a porch? Sheds with porches have a large number of uses and benefits! Not to mention, a shed with a porch looks much more inviting than one without. Let’s take a look at the types of sheds with porches and how you can use a shed porch to your advantage!

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storage shed costs 1

Storage Shed Cost: A Complete Pricing Guide

When it comes to finding out storage shed costs, it’s good to know the factors that influence shed costs. This includes the shed’s size and components such as doors, windows, floors, roofing, ramps, vents, shelves, and construction. If you have shed cost-related questions, then read this informative article to find out about the costs of materials that are used to build a storage shed. Whether you buy or build your storage shed, this article will help you understand how much it will cost to have a storage shed that meets your needs.

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how to choose the right shed sizes

Shed Sizes: How to choose the right shed size?

Many people reach out to us with their questions about shed buildings. The first question they ask is about how to choose the right shed size. Over two decades of experience have taught us that there are three critical factors to know when it comes to choosing the right shed sizes: Purpose, Property Affordability. In this post, we’ll explore all the options to help you make the best decision.

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12x12 storage shed in georgia

12x12 Shed: Cost, Size and Price You Need to Know

We will begin with talking about a 12x12 shed price. We will break down the cost of building your 12x12 shed versus buying a prefab 12x12 shed. Also, we will describe what kind of permits you need in order to have a 12x12 storage shed in your backyard. Let’s get started!

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custom sheds

Custom Sheds: Are They Right for You?

Is a custom shed correct for you? Custom sheds are prefab sheds that have been modified to fit your specific needs. Custom sheds are often more expensive than mass-produced sheds from Home Depot or Lowes. Custom sheds are extremely popular even with a higher price tag. Why? Let's dive in!

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12x20 shed in georgia3

A 12x20 Shed – Is that the Right Size for You?

While a 12x20 shed provides spacious and versatile space for numerous storage and use possibilities, The question may still be, is a 12x20 shed the right size for you? If you are seriously considering a 12x20 storage shed keep on reading to learn about its popular styles, available interior space, uses, prices, and much more.

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