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The Backyard Storage Shed Guide

Jared Reiff - January 10, 2024

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What is a storage shed

So what are backyard storage sheds? It’s really self-explanatory. It’s a single-story building with an average size of 8’x10′ to 12’x10′, commonly used for storing your items. Storage sheds are also used as hobby sheds and workshops as well. Storage sheds offer flexibility in organizing tools and equipment you don’t use frequently and the tools you use all the time. We will talk a bit more about organizing your storage shed later!




These sheds come in multiple sizes and styles as well. Backyard storage sheds are one of the best and easiest ways to store hazardous equipment, tools, and chemicals away from the house, as well as help to keep your home from becoming cluttered. Here are some of the most common items you will find in Storage sheds.

  • Bicycles 
  • Lawnmowers
  • Sports equipment
  • Gasoline
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Store outdoor furniture and toys
  • Workshop tools
  • Musical instruments 
How much is a storage shed Large

How much is a backyard storage shed? 

The size of the storage shed, the material used to build the shed, and the design and style of the backyard storage shed will all determine the cost. The most common cost for an average-sized storage shed ranges from $5,000 to $7,000. Here is a quick chart on how much different-sized sheds cost on average.

Storage Shed Sizes Storage Shed Average Costs
8’x14’ $4,489
10’x10’ $4,520
10’x20’ $5,875
12×16 $5,995
14×28 $11,543

Can you live in a backyard storage shed?

You can definitely transform your shed into a comfortable place to live. Many people buy oversized sheds to convert them into liveable homes or to use as playhouses for their children. The nice thing is you can affordably transform your shed into a house. Adding electricity and plumbing would also be very cost-effective compared to a traditional home.

We recommend that if you want to purchase a backyard storage shed to live in, get a storage shed that is approximately 500 square feet or more. You could also have your shed customized for a two-story building if you need a bigger space or still want to use them for storage. A shed can also be customized for guest houses as well.

How to move a shed Large

How do you move a backyard storage shed?

There are two easy ways to do so.


  • The first method of moving sheds: If you have a smaller shed, you can move the shed using your hands and with additional friends for help. Before you start moving the shed, make sure the new location is ready and level, before moving the storage shed. Check if the shed is attached to any foundation or if the foundation has bolts in it. You can start lifting the shed with four guys to carry on both sides of the structure. We recommend you lift with your legs, not your back, and make sure you lift slowly. Here is a video on how to move sheds with this technique.


  • The second method of moving sheds: You can use pipes or rollers to relocate your storage shed. This is generally for sheds that have a large amount of weight to them. This method is excellent if you don’t have tractors or other loaders, but you’ll need a jack to lift the shed onto the rollers, a piece of plywood, and multiple rollers and pipes on top of the plywood to keep them elevated. We still recommend that you have additional help with this rolling method so that they can keep the shed sturdy when rolling the shed to another location. Here’s a video showing how to move sheds using the rollingprocessd.

How to build a backyard storage shed?

Building a storage shed is relatively easy. Whether you want a simple storage shed for your tools or a storage shed for your hobbies, making a small storage shed is straightforward. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, we will go over simple methods to make a storage shed, starting from the floor and walls. Before we begin building a storage shed, there are tools and equipment you need to build a shed.


  • Tape measure
  • Ladder
  • Pencils
  • Utility knife
  • Hammer 
  • 8d nails, 16d nails, wood screws
  • Power drill
  • Circular saw
  • Table saw
  • Rafter square

Personal protectives

  • Hard hat
  • Gloves
  • Steel toe shoes
  • Hearing protection  
  • Gloves

Building a floor for a backyard storage shed 

Once you have all the tools and equipment, proceed to the following steps!

First, clean any debris from the area where you want to build your storage shed. Start laying down five skids on the ground, ensure the base is flush and level, and space the skids every 12″ or 16″ on center in the edge. To ensure the skids are flat and level, you can use a 4-foot or 6-foot leveler and place the level on top of the skids both ways. When laying down the skids, take your time and level each one. Since this will be the foundation, it must be flat and level, and it will make the rest of the building easy. 

2nd, start cutting floor joists. If you don’t plan on using your shed for heavy equipment or tools, we recommend you use 2×4 floor joists since they are affordable. If you are planning on using your storage shed for heavier material, we recommend you use 2×6 floor joists for their strength. Cut the floor joists all to the same length and space them out every 16″ on centers. Use galvanized wood screws to screw the joists to the floor using two or three screws. After everything is screwed and secured, start making the subfloor square by measuring from corner to corner and ensuring that it’s the same number. 

3rd, once the floor joists are set, you can start by laying down the plywood on the subfloor. Start installing the plywood on the floor’s corner to ensure it’s square. Put a nail on one side of the plywood and make it square on the other side. Use 6d nails, or you can use wood screws when installing the plywood. After you have installed the plywood that is all squared up and plum, lay down another sheet of plywood.

Building a wall for a backyard storage shed

Once you have built the floor, you can start building the wall for the storage shed. The most common storage wall height is 78″, which is 6.5’-feet. If you want a 78″ wall height, you have to cut the stud 78″ and take off 4.5″ inches for the bottom plate and double the top plate, which will be 73.5″ total height of the studs. Do not cut all your studs before measuring how many you need.

Layout the bottom and top plates together and measure 12″ on the centers. Now that you have marketed the top and bottom plates, you can cut the studs according to how wide your wall is or the 12″ on center on your plates. Once you have cut all your studs, lay them between the top and the bottom plate. Start nailing the base plate to the stud using 3x 16d nails. Once you have nailed the bottom plate to the studs, you can start nailing the top plate.

Like the floor, you can start laying the plywood on the corner of the wall layout and put a nail on the bottom corner of the plywood and make it square on the other corner of the wall of the shed and sheathing the wall you can use a chalk line to see where your studs are. And with additional help, raise the wall to its appropriate spot and start putting screws or nails in the inner corner of the bottom plate to screw it to the rim joist. Do the same thing on three sides of the wall. Keep in mind that the middle wall will fit inside the side walls. Make sure you use coated nails or screws when screwing the wall. 

Backyard storage shed shelving ideas

Don’t you hate having tools and equipment scattered all over your storage sheds? Multiple shelving options have different styles and designs for large, medium, and small storage sheds. Check this shed shelving blog out to know more about shed shelving.

  • Wall-attached shelving: For small storage shed shelving, whether you want to store heavy-duty equipment or any lightweight tools, you use them frequently. Wall-attached shelvings are an excellent way to keep your items off the floor. You can also DIY this shelving. 
  • Lofted shelves: If you want to store boxes or any other items and you want them out of the way, you can install a loft in the upper section. This type of shelving is excellent since you can store heavy equipment that could also be wider than normal.
  • Standing Storage: You can build a standing storage shelving with 3+ rows. This shelving method is excellent since you can store heavy or bulky items on one row, lightweight tools on another row, and hazardous chemicals on the last row away from everything else. Standing storage shelvings will give you the best shelving and save you space in your storage shed.

Backyard storage shed ramp ideas

There are numerous styles of ramps for storage sheds you can build or buy. If you have a storage shed and are looking for storage shed ramp ideas, you are in the right place. We’ll go over the top 2 ramp ideas, and you can use them for things like ATVs, heavy lawn mowers, seeders, and more!

Adjustable storage shed ramp: This storage shed ramp is portable as well as adjustable. It is straightforward to install, and after you have put the lawn mower in the shed, you can also move the ramp inside the shed to prolong its lifespan. It might get more wear and tear if it is outside in the sun and the rain. Adjustable ramps are one of the best since you have the most helpful option of adjusting it to the floor of your shed height.

  • Build a storage shed ramp: If you enjoy DIY projects, you can build the ramp yourself. Building your ramp is a good option if you want an affordable way of setting up a ramp for your storage shed. All you need to make a ramp is to determine the width of the door opening of your shed. Then cut four joists at an angle on the bottom. Like the picture above, cut a ledger board to the same width as the door opening, and screw the ramp joists to the ledger board. Cut a bottom board the same length as the door opening, and screw the angled side of the floor joists to the baseboard. You can sheath it with plywood or lay 2×4 together on top of the floor joist. Then voila, you got yourself a ramp.

Styles of backyard storage sheds

We all have different preferences regarding storage shed styles and designs. Here are a few storage shed styles and designs to consider. We’ll talk about the price of the shed as well as its style and features. These stylish storage sheds will enhance and improve the appearance of your backyard. They are great for storage and will provide you with plenty of space.

Utility sheds Large
  • Utility Sheds: Utility sheds are one of the most popular types of sheds when it comes to storage sheds. This backyard storage shed is a one-story building with unlimited customization and a long lifespan. This type of shed is an excellent choice if you plan on using the shed to store any items or equipment that you want out of your house. This storage shed style comes with double doors and an excellent ventilation system. Utility sheds can also be used for backyard offices! On average and depending on the size, utility sheds cost between $4,000-$6,000
saltbox storage sheds Large
  • Saltbox Storage Shed: A saltbox shed is a fantastic storage shed that can be customized in many ways. This storage shed has a side loft that provides extra storage space. If you want the perfect hobby shed that can also be used for storage, we recommend this shed. Saltbox sheds are similar to modern sheds in that they have double windows for extra light and fresh air and come with standard double or single doors. This backyard storage shed costs approximately $5,000-$7,000.
  • Studio Delux Storage Shed: Studio Delux storage sheds are one of the most modern storage sheds on the market. This shed also has unlimited customization to it and has a unique, stylish look with a gable roof. It has a dormer on the top you can customize and huge windows on the side with a double door. This storage shed can also be used for more than storage. Studio deluxe can be used as a workspace and a playhouse for your children to make memories. It can also be used for a lounge and has a loft for storage purposes. This shed depending on the size of it, costs between $6,000-$17,000

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