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Yard Barns in Georgia: Comparing Current Prices

Sherzod Ayubov - March 24, 2022

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Yard Barns in Georgia: Comparing Current Prices

Are you someone who is on the lookout for a new yard barn in Georgia, just not sure where to start looking? Well then this article may be for you, we are going to dissect the current Georgia yard barn prices from some big and small builders in the area. So sit back, relax, and let’s get into the article. There are multiple different yard barn designs and styles in Georgia to choose from however, we are going to be focusing on four specific designs that we construct and sell ourselves.

For starters, we can begin with the most affordable yard barns in Georgia, the Utility Sheds.

Utility Sheds in Georgia

These utility buildings provide an adequate space in any backyard for general storage all at an affordable price. When standard storage space is needed, the utility shed is a great option. Store your favorite tools, lawn equipment, gardening supplies, and more in this standard utility shed. 

This style is typically the most affordable yard barn you will see throughout Georgie. The starting price of the utility sheds is around $3000. Take a look at the in-stock utility yard barns in Georgia below and see if that is something you may be interested in.

SALE! IMG 7747

12x16 Utility Shed

$5495.00 SALE! $5229.25

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SALE! IMG 1460

10x16 Utility Shed

$4407.00 SALE! $4195.65

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SALE! IMG 7869

10x16 Utility Shed

$4227.00 SALE! $4015.65

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Next, we are going to be taking a look at another really popular A-Frame shed which is the Garden Shed Max.

Garden Shed Max in Georgia

A garden shed max is a premium wooden garden shed in Georgia that offers a large space for multiple items and pieces of equipment and an attractive design with many useful features. This quality-made shed has tons of unique uses in which you can create by customizing your own using a 3D Shed Builder.

The garden shed max yard barn in Georgia is another affordable shed that has a starting price of around $5,000 for a 10×16 size. Explore our selection of these beautiful wooden garden sheds below.

SALE! 10% OFF IMG 5087

12x20 Garden Shed Max

$7729.00 SALE! $6971.10

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SALE! IMG 0666

10x16 Garden Shed Max

$5300.00 SALE! $5042.50

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SALE! 10% OFF IMG 6952

12x32 Garden Shed Max

$11822.00 SALE! $10706.30

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Now that we have covered the traditional A-frame shed styles, let’s take a look into the features and pricing on a barn roof style shed, the Lofted Barn Max.

Lofted Barn Max in Georgia

The lofted barn max shed is a dutch roof style yard barn that is known for its overhead storage. These large storage barns in Georgia are great for those who desire a large space for storage. Running out of space in your shed will never be an issue when you have a lofted barn max, just simply use the overhead storage available for additional space and less headache!

The lofted barn max sheds do come at a higher starting price than the two-yard barns above which is no surprise at all considering the features this barn shed has over the A-framed ones. The starting price on the lofted barn max is about $6,000 for a 10×16. Explore some of our in-stock lofted barn max sheds below and find your new storage solution.

SALE! 10% OFF IMG 6968

10x20 Lofted Barn Max

$7328.00 SALE! $6595.20

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SALE! 10% OFF IMG 7036

10x16 Lofted Barn Max

$5884.00 SALE! $5295.60

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SALE! image0

10x20 Lofted Barn Max

$7553.00 SALE! $7186.60

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Moving onto the final yard barn shed we have to offer, the garage.

Prefab Garages in Georgia

I guess we can all guess what the garage shed has that the previous three didn’t, if you guessed garage door you’d be correct. This heavy-duty yard barn features a heavy-duty pressure-treated floor system, the 8×7 garage door, and much more. If you are someone who has a lot of heavy lawn equipment including mowers, work wagons, or anything on wheels, the garage shed is definitely for you.

The garage shed is the highest-priced yard barn out of our selection with a starting price of around $10,000 for a 12×24. See our selection of garage sheds below or request a free estimate on your custom building!

SOLD! IMG 7772

14x32 Garage

$15977.00 SALE! $15188.15

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SOLD! IMG 6985

12x24 Garage

$10260.00 SALE! $9234.00

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SOLD! IMG 6472

14x24 Garage

$12295.00 SALE! $11079.00

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If you see any portable building above that you would like to see in your backyard in the future and is not in stock, please request a free shed quote today. Let us construct the building of your dreams with the click of a button today.

yard barns floor system

50 yr. Smart Panel Siding and Trim- Our smart panel siding and trim stands up to extreme weather conditions.

yard barns with windows

24”x36” Window w/ Shutters - To add visual appeal and let light and air into the building.

yard barn doors

36” Fiberglass Door w/ 9 Lite Window - For a rot resistant door (compare to metal clad door with wood).

wall studs for yard barns

Premium Grade 2x4 Wall Studs 16" on Center - For sturdy walls and a clean interior appearance.

yard barns gable vent

Gable Vents - To allow air to move through the building.

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Now that you have seen our full selection of yard barn styles and their various prices, it’s time to take the first step into owning your own storage space. Check out our in-stock shed inventory or request a free quote on your custom storage shed today.

Have any questions about any of our buildings? Feel free to contact us today via email at sales@durastorstructures.com or by phone at 478-595-6513. Want to see our buildings in person? Come visit our lot in Wrightsville, Georgia and meet our team, we are ready to help you get your next yard barn.

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