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Shed Shelving Ideas For Your Shed

Jared Reiff - January 10, 2024

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Is your shed getting too cluttered? Do you feel like you are storing everything in your shed and it’s now getting out of hand? Are you looking for ways to add more space to your shed? It isn’t easy to maintain a clutter-free space sometimes, especially with a shed. 

Here are some shed shelving ideas to provide a solution to your clutter problem. Shed shelving could help you organize and “increase” more space in your shed to avoid clutter. With the right shelving installation from these shed shelving ideas, you can fit a lot more in your shed. There are so many types and ways you can add shelves to your shed, and here are some of those.


Shed Shelving Ideas- Supply Shed Shelving

Is your shed floor full of containers, bottles, and cans from your gardening? Follow these shed shelving ideas and add supply shelving on your shed wall to get rid of all the bottles and cans on the floor. This will simplify the hassle of having to bend down and look for a specific product bottle each time. Having a supply shelf on your wall allows you to see all your supplies and pick the one you want. It will save you space, time, and the stress of having to look for a certain small bottle. This shed shelving idea could help maximize your access to your shed floor.

Shed Shelving Ideas- Heavy-Duty Shelves

Heavy Duty Shelving Brackets: These shelving brackets are strong and durable, they can handle heavy load capacity. They provide proper support and can hold almost anything.

For your heavy-duty materials and big items, you might want a shelving unit that is strong with good quality material. This is to provide safety and prevent harm. 

What are some things you can put on these shed shelving? 

  • Bags of mulch
  • Big containers
  • Boxes
  • Leaf blowers
  • Gas gallons
  • Bug spray containers

You have the option to either install a unit shelf or buy one that is already built. It is suggested that you get wooden or metal shelves because they are stronger and more sturdy, they can hold onto some weight better than a plastic shelf could. Wood will also bring a touch of style to your shed. Whatever kind of shelf you choose to have, shed shelving could be a solution to your clutter problem.

Shed Shelving Ideas- Peg Board Shelves

For smaller tools storage such as hammers wrenches etc, a peg board is a great idea for shed shelving ideas. Insert pegs in the board to provide more spacing for your tools rather than having them laying down everywhere. A peg board is also great for garage tools. This type of shelving is just one of those shelves that would work if you organize anything on them, so you can get more space to store more items on your shelf. 

Shed Shelving Ideas- Metal Shed Shelving

Metal shelves are strong and sturdy. They can reduce the amount of money you would have to spend each time to get a new shelving unit when the other one goes bad. It is unlikely for metal shelves to just collapse out of nowhere. This is one of the best shelving from the shed shelving ideas. 

Shed Shelving Ideas: Floating Storage Shelves

For your smaller items, a floating storage shelf is a great option. These types of shelves do not take up too much space and it brings a nice decor-like look to your shed. They are easy to customize and install. They can fit in areas that a cabinet or rack can’t fit. Floating storage shelves are also very affordable because they do not require a lot of materials. They are very convenient because you won’t need to dig through to find an item. 

Shed Shelving Ideas- Wall Shelf Brackets

How about those long tools that feel like they can’t be stored anywhere? Tools like snow shovels, pitchforks, or regular shovels? How about other miscellaneous tools? A bracket shelving is a great idea for things like this. Alongside, your shed walls, just install some bracket shelves then hang all those lengthy and unfitting tools.

Pros And Cons Of Wood, Plastic, and Rubbermaid Shed Shelving



Shed Shelving Type Pros  Cons
Wooden Shelves -Easy to install

-Do not break.

-Doesn’t wear easily.

-Vulnerable to water can erode quickly

-Can be scratched or damaged by sharp objects

-Can change color

Plastic Shelves -Non-corrosive materials


-Lightweight materials

-Not the strongest material

-Can break fairly easy

-Over time, it may start to bend. 

Metal Shelves -Sturdy design


-Accommodates heavy loads

-It can rust in damp areas

-Requires tools & small parts

-Has heavy material

Here are other benefits of having shelves in your sheds

  • Energy Efficient: Wooden shelves provide to regulate humidity levels to a small degree. 
  • Less Maintenance: Wooden shelves do not require a lot of maintenance and effort to make them look clean. You can occasionally maintain them by either polishing, waxing, or oiling your shelves to give them the clean look. If you prefer everyday cleaning, you can just use a piece of wet clothing to wiping around, to make it look new. Compared to plastic could get dusty very easily and often.
  • Neat Appearance: The wood shelf will give out an appealing appearance but also can be customizable and designed the shelves the way you want. 
  • Easy to Build Wooden Shelves: You can start a DIY yourself to be more productive and gain some experience instead of having to hire someone to make your shelves for you. It is a great way to bond and spend time with loved ones. 
  • Durable: Wood shelves will last longer and can adapt to different environments. 
  • Improve Accessibility: It becomes much easier to see and reach your tools when they are all lined up nicely against the wall or organized on a unit shelf. Avoid stacking things containers and boxes on top of each other. This will limit the need of lifting things up every time and benefits your physical health. 
  • Provides Safety: Prevent things from falling over, the risk can be dangerous. 
  • Affordable: Wood shelvings are affordable and will last you a long time compared to plastic shelves.

There are so many ways you can install shelvings in your shed to provide more space for yourself. You can also purchase prebuilt shelves that are either wood or plastic, wood shelves would work better because they will help support heavy tools.

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shed shelving ideas
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