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Small Shed Interior Ideas For Your Backyard Shed

Jared Reiff - January 12, 2024

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Small Shed Interior Ideas

Have you been stressing about what to do with the shed in your backyard? Are you looking for interior ideas for your shed? Stress no more! Whether you’re looking for a quiet downtime space or an art showroom, we’ve got ideas for you. Maybe you’re just looking for a storage shed? Bring your inner creativity to life in your shed with the following small shed interior ideas. Here are some options on what you can do. 


Small Shed Interior Ideas: Office

Separate your workspace from your home by utilizing your shed and turning it into an office. Increase your productivity while you work on your own time with a shed office. Get the freedom to design your desired office and make it as cozy as you wish.  A standard 10 x 12 shed size can accommodate an office table, a sofa, and a fridge. You can also add shelves in your shed to give you more storage space for office materials.

This small shed interior idea is a great way to create additional space, and they can easily be tweaked to accommodate your working needs. Your shed can give you a nice dedicated office space that is away from the rest of your home. Here are some office ideas on how you can make your office suitable for you.

Small Shed Interior Ideas: Workshop Studio

Are you looking for a place to improve and showcase your art skills? As an artist, it is important to have a clear and quiet mind so that you can create your masterpieces. Having an art workshop in a home can be a little tricky, especially if you share the home with others.

Give yourself a getaway by transforming your shed into an art studio/art workshop. Show your recent projects by displaying photos or paintings for your family and loved ones. Hang your favorite projects as wall decors to make your studio lively. Or, turn your shed into a storage space for your art supplies and necessities for more space and organization. 

Small Shed Interior Ideas: She shed

If you’re looking for a quiet downtime space, then a shed is a good place to start. Design, organize and decorate your backyard shed into a she-shed of your liking. Add a small bed and decorate it with some cute pillows for resting and cooling down. Add a tv/radio for some entertainment because a girl can always use some alone dancing time! Staying hydrated is always important, so add a fridge of your liking to store cold drinks for your alone time in order to stay hydrated in your she-shed.

For clear mind and meditation practices, add a floor mat. This small shed interior idea is a good way to get away from the outside world for a little bit and focus on yourself and your thoughts. Sometimes all we need is a little detachment from everything else and to be one with ourselves and our minds.

Small Shed Interior Ideas: Gym

Is it difficult to get to the gym? Then bring the gym to you! Turn your shed into a personal gym to help your overall health and well-being by exercising. Save money by avoiding monthly costs for the membership fee. Add a treadmill, a couple of weights, and a few weight-lifting accessories to make your gym complete. Exercise in your own comfort zone, at a comfortable pace. A home gym will also allow you to make fitness choices according to your needs. You can even invite your family to come exercise with you. 

Small Shed Interior Ideas: Hangout spot

Hospitality is always appreciated between friends and family. Invite friends over for some quality hangout time. Let your shed help you grow your knowledge by learning new things from your friends with your new hangout spot. Play board games or read books in your shed-hangout spot. With the right group of friends, you can help motivate one another and obtain better advice on different aspects of life. Bonding time is one of the best ways to make friendships even stronger and gets people closer. 

Small Shed Interior Ideas: Music Studio

Customize your shed by adding a music booth, musical accessories and other needed instruments for your studio. Practice makes perfect. Improve your musical talent by turning your shed into a home music studio. Record and produce music for friends and family with your music studio. Help grow young music talents around you by turning your shed into a home music studio with this small shed interior idea. 

Small Shed Interior Ideas: A Bar

Invite friends over on a game night to watch your favorite sports. Or, invite them for drinks. Save money from having to go out every weekend, and make your own drinks in an affordable way in your shed bar. By following small easy steps, you can turn your shed into a home bar and entertainment center.  

Small Shed Interior Ideas: Man Cave

Are you looking for a place to hangout with the “big boys”? A man cave is great for some quality time with the “bros”. A shed is an affordable way to create your getaway. Add a pool table for pool games, play video games, watch sports or work on projects. Utilize your old shed or get a new shed from DuraStor Structures to start your DIY project today. Be creative with this small shed idea and enjoy your man cave.

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