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Bob's Painting Hobby Shed in Hawkinsville GA

Alpha Muya - January 16, 2023

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The Schmucker’s live in the quaint and quiet town of Hawkinsville, Georgia. Bob’s wife is a talented artist who creates paintings with passion and personality. Painting is two things for her; discovery and communication.  By discovery, she wants to give people a means of seeing the world around them in ways they have never imagined before. By communication, she wants to express her personal world more clearly and visibly. Painting is the basis of all visual language for her. Inspired by these passions, she wanted to buy a structure to turn into a Painting Studio that would give her adequate space, comfort, and opportunity for creating more quality paintings.

The trick was trying to figure out where they could buy a structure that would allow them to tailor everything to Bob’s wife’s needs.

painting hobby studio in ga

The Beginning Of The Hobby Shed Search

When Bob and his wife started looking for a Painting Studio, they knew that they had to find the right one. Together, they spent a lot of time searching online for a hobby shed structure, and they reached out to multiple shed builders. They carefully checked the details of each shed product available for sale. They wanted to buy a structure that was cozy, customizable, and affordable. The quality of the structure was another important factor in determining the right shed to buy for their Painting Studio. The Schmucker’s paid special attention to the standard features and any additional options offered with each structure from the various shed builders online.

Finally, they found all the important features they wanted for their Painting Studio on DuraStor Structures’ online website. This is where their first interaction with DuraStor Structures started as they researched their sheds’ various shapes, styles, sizes, and add-on options in hopes to create their dream Painting Studio. What they found delighted them! They saw a variety of portable storage buildings with maximum quality and features such as The Garden Shed Max, The Lofted Barn Max, The Garage, and The Utility Shed. 

hobby shed designs

Designing The Hobby Shed

To design their own portable building they used a handy tool offered by DuraStor Structures called a 3D builder. This online 3D builder allows you to customize your structure from the floor up with your selected color, size, door frame, and many other options as well. Once you complete your structure design, you end with a quote in hand!

With this easy-to-use tool on the website, the Schmucker’s designed their dream structure. They chose the Lofted Barn Max style so their hobby shed would be able to have more overhead storage space. Their plan was to use the overhead storage space for storing some of their Painting Studio’s belongings. Plus, the lofted barn style helped them to enjoy more wide-open floor space. 

hobby shed kitchen

With the style of shed secured, Bob and his wife began customizing their structure. They added two larger-sized windows with white slat shutters to have plenty of natural lighting. They also added two double wooden doors with a round-shaped loaf window. Bob also wanted the walls to be open for hanging paintings. 

After submitting the design for their dream hobby shed they wanted to know more about other details such as pricing and delivery. Bob had a nice discussion with one of the DuraStor Structures’ salespersons. When reflecting on their conversation, Bob said, “Our discussion with the representative was helpful and he fully answered all of our questions. There was absolutely no pressure of any kind.” 

hobby shed exterior

The delivery was even better than what Bob expected. The estimated delivery was right on schedule and Bob received the hobby shed at his property installed just as promised. The installation was smooth and executed without any problems. Also, the delivery cost was included in the full price of the shed, which made Bob very happy. 

Furthermore, during this whole process, Bob looked at a number of shed builders to compare with the DuraStor Structures’ products. After all his thorough research, Bob discovered that for their new Painting Studio, the Lofted Barn Max Style Shed built by DuraStor Structures would indeed work the best for them for the following reasons. 

  1. It is easy to adapt
  2. Offers overhead storage space 
  3. Great quality
  4. Affordable 
barn style shed

All these features helped Bob get their new structure modified much easier with things like plumbing, electricity, insulation, paneling, and painting. He said, “Our greatest challenge in getting the structure built was finding a local contractor who could do all the modifications.” In fact, Bob hired only one local contractor to do all the final modifications instead of multiple contractors for each modification. 

Once Bob’s Painting hobby shed was installed, his contractor immediately started on the interior. They wired for electricity and installed a plumbing line. The insulation was carefully added in preparation for drywall and finished adding a half loft on the ceiling. The kitchen cabinet was installed right below the loft.  The bathroom area turned out bright and spacious. The bathroom’s white sink with a black cabinet added the perfect modern and appealing finishing touch. 

hobby shed modern bathroom

Bob Schmucker and his wife thank the DuraStor Structures business! They were pleased to work with Durrel and his team on their Painting Studio hobby shed project. So much so, that they look forward to doing more business with DuraStor Structures in the future.

The Schmucker’s Painting Studio journey turned out much better than anticipated. They are extremely happy with their new Painting Studio and with how simple the whole process turned out to be.

Bob and his wife highly recommend DuraStor Structures to someone who may be considering the purchase of a new structure. Bob said, “DuraStor Structures are easy to modify and adapt and the company is eager to please”.

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