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Small Storage Sheds: What You Should Know

Jared Reiff - January 12, 2024

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Is your house full of stuff and you cannot find a space to store all its surplus items? Or perhaps you are wishing for a safe location to keep your tools, garden supplies, or kids’ belongings. 

If so, a small storage shed offers you an easy and affordable way of adding extra space to your property. 

Thus, you should know what makes small portable storage sheds a perfect solution for your home.

Let’s get started!


What is a Small Storage Shed?

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A small storage shed is a portable storage building that is designed to store a yard, garden, or personal belongings. At DuraStor Structures, we build sheds for a wide array of different purposes so you can find your ideal small storage shed easily. 

Our smallest shed sizes ( which fall into the category of small storage sheds)  are 8×8 and 8×10.

Small Storage Shed Designs Available to You

a small storage shed near me 1600x1600 1

Have you decided to purchase small outdoor storage shed for your storage needs, but you do not know where to find one or which style you want?

 If so, we have a large selection of in-stock standard-designed sheds and offer three different shed styles such as:

Our portable storage sheds are built not only to be affordable for our customers but also to solve many of their storage challenges as well. 

Browse our inventory page to select the design that matches your style and storage requirements.

If you have not seen the right small storage shed in our available in-stock buildings, use this handy tool, the 3D Builder, available on our website. The 3D Builder is designed to create custom storage sheds with ease. If you have a photo of your dream small storage shed you can use this tool to design it.


Your Small Storage Shed Interior Options | Windows, Flooring, and Shelving

small storage shed interior options

The interior options available for our small storage sheds increase their functionality and range of potential use.

At DuraStor Structures, all our small storage sheds are built with the following interior features:

  •  Pressure-treated floor system
  •  Premium grease 2×4 studs and rafters
  •  7/16” OSB roof decking with radiant barrier

While the above features come with each of our storage sheds, the following are some of the additional interior options (which you can customize) that can really enhance your shed’s overall functionality:

  • Additional Windows – Add increased lighting and airflow
  • Shelf package for additional storage space – Provide space for optimal organization
  • ¾ pressure-treated plywood -Especially helpful if you expect your floor to get wet on a regular basis


Your Small Storage Shed Exterior Options | Siding, Roofing, and Doors

small storage shed exterior options

It is important to know what materials are used to construct the exterior of a small storage shed. 

It is recommended to use heavy-duty wood paneling or metal siding to create a quality portable storage shed that can be long-lasting regardless of the weather conditions. 

The standard small storage sheds are built with these features at DuraStor Structures: 

  • Heavy-duty water-tight double doors 
  • 50-year siding 
  • 15-year paint 
  • Asphalt shingle or metal roofing
  • Gable vent

These exterior options ensure your small storage shed will perform well for many years down the road. 

Also, you can easily customize your small outdoor storage shed by adding the following:

  • Different siding and trim paint colors 
  • A 9-Lite prehung door
  • Pressure-treated ramp

The happy truth is… you will use your shed for many long years to come. This is why we give you options that can help your shed be more efficient and work it’s very best for you. If you would like to make changes to the positioning of the doors or windows, reach out to our team. We would gladly assist you in making your small shed exactly how you want it.


Why Choose a Small Storage Shed Rather Than a Bigger One?

small storage shed

It is true, every portable storage building whether big or small has advantages and disadvantages. However, having a small storage shed is overall more cost-effective, practical, and convenient. Plus, you can easily place a small storage shed in your backyard regardless of the yard’s size. 

Bigger sheds will take more time to install or it may be illegal for your yard due to the size of the property. 

Besides the convenience of its small size, there are many other factors that make portable small storage shed ideal for you and your family.


How Much Does a Small Storage Shed Cost?

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Now we will answer the question, “how much does a small storage shed cost?”. Obviously, pricing will be different depending upon the size and style of the shed. If you are looking for a budget-friendly shed to store your belongings, a small storage shed is what you need. The price for building small storage sheds range from $2,500 up to $4,500.  The smallest storage shed, an 8×8 costs about $2,500 with standard features. If you are looking for an 8×10 storage shed, its price is $3,000 and an 8×12 is about $3,300. 


To get a better idea of what you will be paying, you will need to determine the purpose of your storage shed. Once you have determined its purpose and what you want to fit inside, then you will know what size you need and that will help determine the cost of your shed. 


Do I Need a Foundation for a Small Storage Shed?

small storage shed foundation

Photo credit: siteprep.com

The quick answer is yes. The shed builder experts recommend installing your portable storage shed on a foundation. It is one of the best ways to ensure your outdoor storage building lasts longer with less maintenance. A shed foundation provides a solid pad that will help water to drain away. There are two types of foundations that are ideal for small outdoor storage sheds. They are a gravel foundation and a concrete foundation. When it comes to choosing the one that works best for your building, it really depends on the type of structure you go with. 

If you purchase a storage shed with a wood floor, you should consider gravel shed foundation. It absorbs water quickly and keeps your storage shed from rotting and decaying. Moreover, a gravel foundation is significantly cheaper than a concrete foundation. A concrete foundation is better for larger outdoor buildings like garages or cabins. Concrete offers the best support for vehicles and heavy types of equipment. 


What Can I Store In a Small Storage Shed?

The potential is great for what you can store inside small storage shed. For instance, let’s take an 8×10 storage shed. Inside this shed,  you can store all the small items you have in your basement or around your houses such as toys, Christmas decorations, seasonal furniture, fishing rods, and books. If you install racks, you can make room for a lawn trimmer, bicycle, or kids tricycle. You can even store a push mower, shop vacuum cleaner, snowblower, and garden tools.



We hope these details surrounding small storage sheds have helped you to decide which small storage shed is right for you. Purchasing a small outdoor storage shed adds value to your home and solves the dilemma of a lack of storage space. There are never-ending benefits of owning a small storage shed in your backyard. Enjoy!

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