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8 Residential Shed Ideas

Jared Reiff - November 22, 2023

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Residential Sheds are becoming very popular and people are realizing how much money they can save by cutting their living expenses with a shed or cabin. Saving money is one great thing about portable buildings but creating income from a shed or cabin is another big plus. Whether you’re using it for personal use or as a rental property, there is no losing with a residential shed. They make great weekend getaways and hunting cabins on-mountain properties and they can even become your primary residence.  In this blog post, we would like to provide you with a few custom residential shed ideas that are affordable and very doable.


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Tiny homes come in all shapes and sizes and make great homes for living inexpensively. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have mortgage payments or monthly rent? Residential Sheds in Wrightsville, GA are becoming very popular with many people who don’t need the extra cost and space of a home or apartment. Tiny homes can be customized for your taste and unique style. They usually require some kind of permit but are often not difficult to obtain. This 2-story shed house interior is sure to give you some great ideas to choose from! Buy a cabin shell from DuraStor and finish the interior to fit your needs.


Turn your Lofted cabin into a hunting season getaway. Cabins are the perfect residential home to have in the woods. Customize your Hunting Cabin with rifles and Deer head trophies to make it feel like your own unique place. The weekends you don’t use it, rent it out to friends and family so at the end of the day the cabin ends up paying for itself.

3. Shed as a Campground Home 

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Get away from the busy city and the technology and enjoy an active weekend in a campground home. We sometimes forget the importance of bonding with the family especially with how much cellphones and computers can distract us. Leave all that behind and go hiking in the woods near your campground home, enjoy smores in the campfire and stay in the middle of the peaceful woods with your family.

4. Weekend Retreat in a Shed

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It’s nice to get away from home every now and then but travel expenses, hotels, Airbnb’s and other rental property can get to be very expensive. Why not have a unique place where work life can be left behind and it’s just you and your family spending time together? Whether it’s at the beach or somewhere in the mountains, a cabin or residential shed customized to be a weekend retreat could be your cost-effective getaway spot.

5. Shed used as an In-Law Quarters 

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If you are someone who loves to have family over often, turning your residential shed into in-law quarters might not be a bad idea. Have your family close but still allow them to have their privacy right next to your home. In-law quarters allows you to give your guests their own home and also keep your own privacy too.

6. Shed Turned into Airbnb 

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If you live in a great travel location, turning your residential shed into a rental property would be a smart idea with great potential income. Customize your shed into a unique living space that people would love to spend their weekends in. Your shed or cabin could be a unique home away from home for people looking to get away for an affordable price. Individuals have turned their residential sheds into a rental property and charged upwards of 100$ a night, because of the unique experience staying in a custom shed can give them and the beautiful views it can offer.

7. Tiny Cottage/ Lake House from your Shed

shed by a lake

Working 40 to 50 hours a week can take a toll on your body, especially if you’re working in a stressful environment. According to researchers at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand and Michigan State University here in the US, “Higher levels of blue space visibility were associated with lower psychological distress”. This means the more you’re exposed to water, the less stressed you’ll be. Imagine an inexpensive shed or cabin that can be customized and turned into your lake house. You’ll be able to go relieve some stress on the weekends with the views of the lake and peaceful nature.

8. Children’s Hideout Inside of a Shed

interior of shed cabin

We understand how crazy the house can get when children have their friends over. Children’s Hideout is an ideal residential shed to keep the children safe and close to home. Keep the mess out of the house and let children be children. Keeping your house clean and the kids and grandkids happy is a win-win for parents and grandparents. Whether you turn it into a room with a bunch of bunk beds and toys for kids to have sleepovers or a game room, you can be sure the kids will be quite happy. This can provide kids with independence and help them to grow and mature strongly as well.

Residential Shed Ideas Conclusion

A residential shed can have endless uses and can become your dream tiny home or weekend retreat if customized to your specific needs. There are plenty of backyard sheds to compare for residential use. If you’re in Georgia, we’d be happy to give you a free quote for a residential shed. You can also use our 3D shed builder to try customizing your building with different features. Do keep in mind that rent-to-own options are generally not available for buildings that will function as living space.

Save money today by eliminating home expenses that you don’t need! When will you start planning your residential shed?

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