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Backyard Sheds: Comparing 4 Best-Selling Styles

Jared Reiff - January 12, 2024

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Back in the day, if you wanted a backyard shed, there were only one or two ways to get one. Either hire a local carpenter to build a shed from scratch or get out your own hammer and saw and get to work.

Nowadays there are plenty of options for purchasing high-quality, prebuilt backyard sheds. It seems like there’s at least one backyard shed sales lot in almost every town and city (at least that’s how it feels in our area of Georgia.) That’s great news for if you’re looking for a simpler option for getting a backyard storage shed.

a backyard shed in georgia

With the increased selection of prebuilt backyard sheds, a new question arises: “Which backyard shed is best?” While we may not be able to perfectly answer that question for your exact location, we’d like to highlight the backyard shed models that are popular in our neck of the woods (Georgia.) Plus, we’ll give some tips on choosing the best backyard storage shed for your needs. Let’s dive in!

The Utility Shed

It’s no secret that most folks buy a backyard shed only for storage. If you’re looking to store as much stuff as possible for as cheaply as possible, a Utility Shed might be the way to go.

Here in Georgia, this type of backyard shed is most commonly known as a “Utility Shed,” “Standard Utility Shed,” or “Side Utility Shed” (if the door is on the side rather than the end.) Basically, the Utility Shed is designed to strip away extra features to leave you with a simple, sturdy building that affordably protects your belongings.

Utility Sheds often eliminate features including:

  • Roof overhangs. This saves the builder time and materials, resulting in a cheaper backyard shed.
  • Windows and window accessories. By not installing windows or related trim features like shutters or flower boxes, a shed builder can reduce the overall building cost. (At DuraStor Structures, windows are available as an add-on option on Utility Sheds.)
  • Pre-installed shelving. Deluxe backyard sheds may include prebuilt shelving, but Utility Sheds typically do not, although it can be added as an option.
a backyard utility shed in georgia

Don’t think that every feature is eliminated from the Utility Shed, though! We can’t speak for all backyard shed builders, but here at DuraStor Structures, our Utility Sheds still include:

  • A frame that includes a pressure-treated floor system and premium-grade 2×4 wall studs at 16” on-center.
  • Engineered wood siding with a 50-year warranty, coated with 15-year paint.
  • Heavy-duty, double doors with adjustable tension for fine-tuning the fit.
  • Radiant barrier under roof decking to reflect solar heat and keep stored items cooler during the hot Georgia summers.

The exact features included in/eliminated from Utility Sheds vary by builder, so be sure to check exactly what’s included in the building you’re considering. You can learn more about Utility Sheds here.

The Garden Shed Max

Let’s be real: Most folks who invest in a backyard shed want it to look fantastic while storing their belongings. That’s especially important if the shed is visible from the street or the neighbors’ properties.

If looks are a key part of your shed-selection process, the Garden Shed Max might be the building for you. It combines the storage features of a Utility Shed with an upgraded exterior to create a backyard shed fit for even the most extravagant properties.

The Garden Shed Max name is specific to our company, but other builders have similar sheds which they refer to as a “Cape Cod,” “Ranch Shed,” or “A-Frame.” Be sure to check the specific features that each builder includes, as similarly named buildings can vary quite a bit in quality and construction.

garden backyard shed in georgia 2

The Garden Shed Max (from DuraStor Structures) comes standard with:

  • Pressure-treated floor structure to withstand years of ground moisture.
  • Premium-grade 2×4 wall studs and rafters at 16” and 24” on-center, respectively.
  • Engineered wood siding with a 50-year warranty, coated with 15-year paint in one of 14 colors.
  • Radiant barrier under the roof to keep excess solar heat out of your backyard shed.
  • Heavy-duty, double doors with adjustable tension for fine-tuning the fit.
  • Prebuilt shelving for easy storage right away.
  • 2 windows with shutters to add natural light and upgrade the exterior of your backyard shed.

Here at DuraStor Structures, the Garden Shed Max is our most popular building. With great construction, plenty of storage space, and a stunning exterior, it’s easy to see why! You can learn more about the Garden Shed Max here.

The Lofted Barn Max

When it comes to maximum storage, the Lofted Barn Max is king. A backyard shed with storage is great, but what about a shed with two levels of storage?

The Lofted Barn Max is a barn-style storage shed, meaning it features a gambrel roof style. The gambrel roof allows for the addition of one or two loft areas, effectively doubling the amount of stuff that can be stored under one roof.

Again, the Lofted Barn Max name is specific to DuraStor Structures. Similar backyard sheds are also referred to as a “Side Lofted Barn,” “Dutch Barn,” “Lofted Garden Shed,” “High Barn,” or simply “Lofted Barn.” Not all gambrel roof backyard sheds are created equal, so be sure to check exactly what standard features each particular manufacturer includes.

barn style backyard shed in georgia

At DuraStor Structures, our Lofted Barn Max comes standard with:

  • Floor framing built from pressure-treated lumber to prevent decay.
  • Walls and rafters framed with premium-grade 2x4s. Walls are framed at 16” on-center and rafters are at 24” on-center.
  • Engineered wood siding with any of 14 color choices. Siding has a 50-year warranty and we use a 15-year paint.
  • Radiant barrier under the roof to prevent solar heat from building up in your shed and damaging stored items.
  • Heavy-duty, double doors with adjustable tension for fine-tuning the fit.
  • Built-in wooden shelving so you can store stuff immediately.
  • 2 windows w/shutters to add natural light and visual appeal to your backyard storage shed.

The Lofted Barn Max works great for storing lawn equipment and heavy items on the floor and keeping lighter items in the overhead loft areas. If you have a large volume of stuff to store, this building should be one of the primary backyard sheds to consider. You can find out more about the Lofted Barn Max here.

The Garage Shed

When you think of things to store in a backyard shed, a vehicle might not be the first item that comes to mind. However, a number of builders here in Georgia are now offering prefab car sheds that function as affordable alternatives to a built-on-site garage.

Besides the roll-up door and heavy-duty floor structure, the Garage Shed has a lot in common with a typical backyard shed. In particular, it can be prefabricated off-site and delivered as a completed structure. That means the total price is MUCH lower than the cost of building a custom detached garage at your property.

Most manufacturers of backyard sheds in Georgia have some type of “Garage” shed. There are some key differences between the products offered by different companies, though. Some builders use a simple metal roll-up door, rather than a water-tight, paneled garage door. Additionally, there can be some variation in the floor structure and how it’s framed, particularly what joist size and spacing is used. Be sure to compare exact specs between brands.

backyard shed in georgia for vehicle storage

Our Garage Shed includes standard features like:

  • Pressure-treated joists at 12” on-center for extra strength.
  • Framing with premium-grade 2×4 lumber spaced at 16” for wall studs and 24” for rafters.
  • An engineered wood product with a 50-year warranty for exterior walls. 15-year paint comes in 14 different colors.
  • Radiant barrier under the roof deck keeps solar heat out and helps protect your vehicle long-term.
  • 1 window w/shutters for a nice cosmetic touch and some extra natural light.
  • An 8×7 watertight paneled garage door with a diamond-plated threshold to protect the floor as you drive vehicles in and out.
  • A 36”-wide pedestrian door for easy access to your vehicle.

Rather than spending a fortune on a detached garage, many folks in Georgia are finding that a prefab backyard shed with the right features can do the job much more affordably! The Garage Shed seems to be here to stay! You can get more details about the Garage Shed here.

Backyard Shed Models: Comparison Table

Garden Shed Max
Lofted Barn Max
Utility Shed
Heavy Duty Wood Double Doors
2x8 Top Wall Plate
X (except 8' wide)
36" House-Type 9 Lite Entry Door
8x7 Garage Door
Heavy Duty Floor System
4" Wrap-Around Roof Overhangs
Roof Ridge Vent
Window w/Shutters
X (2)
X (2)
X (1)
Shelving Package
Full Overhead Loft

Key Features to Compare in Backyard Sheds

As we mentioned multiple times above, there are a wide range of backyard shed builders that manufacture structures similar to the four models listed above. Each builder will have their own set of standard features, so it’s important to check exactly what’s included for the price.

Here are several of the key features to look at when choosing your backyard shed:


Across the United States (and particularly for backyard sheds in Georgia,) T1-11 is the most common type of shed siding. It’s inexpensive and easy-to-install, which makes it a go-to choice for shed builders, particularly those on the lower end of the price spectrum.

Unfortunately, not all T1-11 includes a manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, it’s one of the most maintenance-intensive options for backyard shed siding as it requires frequent coats of paint or stain.

Other shed siding options that have become more popular recently include metal, vinyl, and engineered wood. Here at DuraStor Structures, we build our backyard sheds with an engineered wood product called LP® SmartSide®.

backyard shed siding in georgia

We chose LP SmartSide for our backyard sheds in Georgia because we feel it offers a good balance in several key areas. It’s a good value compared to options like vinyl, it allows us to offer a wider range of colors, and it comes with a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Obviously, you’ll need to decide what siding features are most important for your own shed and choose a builder that can meet those needs. If you’d like to do more research, we have an entire article devoted to shed siding options.


The two primary options for shed roofs are metal and asphalt shingles. At its core, the choice mostly comes down to style preference. Some folks simply prefer the look of either metal or shingles, or they’re trying to match the style of existing buildings on their property.

There are a few things to watch out for when comparing backyard shed roofs.

With metal roofing, some builders offer an “economy” line with the roofing panels running horizontally. This style requires less materials and time for the builder, resulting in a lower price tag. However, placing roofing panels horizontally will decrease the longevity of the roof, since water can’t run off as easily.

horizontal metal roof for backyard sheds

Horizontal metal roofing

vertical metal roof for backyard sheds

Vertical metal roofing

Shingle roofs for sheds come in two main styles: tab shingles and architectural shingles. Tab shingles have been around longer and are the cheaper option, still used by many builders. Architectural shingles are a newer development. While they’ve been the go-to choice for homebuilders for years, they’ve only recently become a more common option on backyard sheds. Architectural shingles are generally thicker, more wind-resistant, have better manufacturer warranties. Plus, many folks prefer the way they look.

tab shingles for backyard sheds in ga

Tab shingle roofing

dimensional shingles for backyard sheds in ga

Architectural shingle roofing

At DuraStor Structures, we offer both metal and shingle roofs on our backyard sheds. Our metal roofs have panels running vertically and our shingle roofs always use architectural shingles. In total, a metal roof will generally increase the cost of a backyard shed from DuraStor Structures by about $100. When choosing a builder for your shed, make sure to find out exactly what types of roofing they offer.


Backyard shed manufacturers vary quite a bit in how much they’re willing to help you create a custom building. Some builders construct the majority of their sheds to the specific needs of each customer. Other companies prefer to only offer a limited number of models and colors so they can turn out buildings more quickly and cheaply.

If you’re looking to get a prefab shed as quickly and cheaply as possible, a “cookie-cutter” shed company may be your best bet (just make sure their buildings are good quality.) If you’re hoping to match your new backyard shed with other buildings on your property, find a company that will work with you to create a custom building.

Many shed companies now beginning to offer online 3D shed design tools (you can see ours here.) If you’re interested in creating a unique backyard shed, this is a great option for experimenting with different colors and options. You can create multiple designs before submitting your favorite to the shed company for a finalized quote.

Screenshot of 3D backyard shed design software

And there you have it! With these four popular backyard shed models as starting points, you should be able to find or create a building that perfectly matches your needs. As you compare buildings, remember to compare specific features, to see exactly what’s included in the price. Because we all know, “You get what you pay for!”

Good luck in your search for the perfect backyard shed!


Photo Credits

Three sheds with different siding options: Timberline Barns

Shed roofing photos: Esh’s Utility Buildings

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