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Are you looking for storage buildings in Waynesboro GA to have one in your backyard? We are happy to help you out with that.  We offer a variety of sheds with excellent quality and affordable prices in Waynesboro GA. If you live in this area or nearby cities we are happy to share this great news. We want to ensure that homeowners of Waynesboro GA find the high-quality storage buildings that they are looking for. 

DuraStor Structures has been in the shed business for many years. Our portable storage buildings are built and delivered in Georgia. Over the years, we have learned a lot and developed new structures that are strong and easy to customize. Check out our website for well-built portable storage buildings. If you have any questions about reach out to Durrel directly via phone (478) 595-6513 (please leave a message outside of regular business hours) or contact him here.

Storage Buildings for Sale in Waynesboro, GA

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12x24 Lofted Barn Max

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12x20 Utility Shed

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10x20 Garden Shed Max

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10x20 Garden Shed Max

$6666.00 SALE! $6345.95

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12x16 Garden Shed Max

$6697.00 SALE! $6053.80

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10x16 Utility Shed

$4227.00 SALE! $4015.65

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10x20 Utility Shed

$5485.00 SALE! $5219.75

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12x28 Lofted Barn Max

$11428.00 SALE! $10320.20

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12x20 Lofted Barn Max

$9068.00 SALE! $8161.00

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Our Portable Storage Buildings in Waynesboro, GA

The Garden Shed Max

Garden Shed is one of the popular tall buildings designed as A-Frame sheds with attractive features. This shed can easily be customized by adding extra windows, double doors, or having a dormer to gain more natural light.

You can turn this shed into your workshop, man cave, hunting cabin, and others. If you have your own ideas for how to use the garden shed, check out our available options here.

The Lofted Barn Max

This Lofted Barn is an excellent addition to your home if you need storage space for heavy-equipments and small items. It has huge overhead storage space to store all your belongings such as books, decorations, toys, fishing rods, and kayaks. The main double doors on the Lofted Barn are placed on the side of the building.

Check out the available add-ons we offer If you want to customize your Lofted Barn to meet your needs at Waynesboro GA, home.

The Garage

When you compare buildings with foundations portable garages are a cost-effective investment. The Garage is one of the most customizable buildings. It includes all the benefits of shed buildings.

Besides, it comes with two windows with slat shutters, a 3’ door with 9 lite glass, and an overhead door with long panels. This garage is great to store a car, pick-up trucks, motorcycle, snowmobile, lawn equipment, and others.

The Utility Shed

This shed is perfect for those who need storage space to store just their things. It is one of the economical storage buildings in our shed lines. It features 50-year siding and trim and 30-year shingles.

Also, you can add the ¾” Pressure Treated Plywood option if you expect your floor to get wet on a regular basis. The Utility sheds are used to keep home supplies, garden tools, and firewood.

Rent-To-Own Sheds in Waynesboro

Rent-To-Own: Self-Storage Your Way

We offer a more affordable path to shed ownership for those who don’t want to pay the total cost of a shed up front. Here are some great benefits to our RTO program.

Great Alternative to Self Storage – Don’t waste your money by paying a monthly rental fee for a storage unit you’ll never own. Instead, put your money towards your own backyard storage structure.

A Convenient Storage Solution – Instead of driving to a storage facility, give yourself a place to store those items cluttering up your garage, all from the convenience of your backyard.

Storage Space Your Way – You can design your storage shed with our 3D Builder, so it fits your exact needs.

Customize Your Shed for Your Waynesboro, GA Home

Nowadays, customizing your storage shed is low risk. That’s because we offer a cutting-edge 3D design tool to help you visualize your shed before you place your order. You can also get instant price quotes directly from our 3D builder. Have fun playing around with colors, window and door placements, and many other options in our powerful 3D shed designer.

Recent Shed Projects in Georgia

Your Waynesboro GA Storage Shed Builder

Durrel Strite has been building sheds ever since he was 14 years old. During his many years of working in the shed industry, Durrel learned that great customer service and top-notch products are two important keys to operating a successful storage shed company. Today, Durrel aims to build a company that delivers on those two key principles. Here are a few more reasons to consider buying your next storage building in Waynesboro GA from DuraStor Structures.

  • A rent-to-own option is available. If you don’t have the cash but need more storage space now, rent-to-own may be your solution.
  • Hassle-free setup. DuraStor Structures will provide the blocking to level your building on sites up to 18” off-level. We offer delivery to Waynesboro and the surrounding areas.
  • An owner-operated company. Get great customer service when you connect directly with Durrel.
  • Cutting edge design tool. Use our 3D builder to design your building and see it before you order.

Design Your Own Shed or Get It Pre-Built!