portable car garage in georgia

The Portable Car Garage: Everything You Need to Know

Sherzod Ayubov - December 13, 2021

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Are you on the hunt for reliable and affordable vehicle protection? Perhaps for your good ole’ faithful (which you are not ready to part with) or for your new snazzy hotrod.

If you are tired of feeling uncomfortable with leaving your new car sitting out all night with no protection or worried about the weathering damage dished out by mother nature, then you are at the right place.

Plus, a portable car garage offers much more than just vehicle protection.

In this blog, you will discover everything you need to know about portable car garage. Beginning with the definition, its cost based upon buildings routes, styles, how to plan your own, uses, and more!

Let’s get started!

What is a Portable Car Garage?

portable car garage in georgia

A portable car garage is either a wooden or metal structure built in one piece or several sections depending upon its size inside a controlled environment and then transported by truck to the location of choice and fully assembled there if necessary.

How Much Does a Portable Car Garage Cost?

portable car garage in georgia

The cost of a portable car garage varies depending upon its building route, whether you buy prefab or build DIY.
Let’s look at the two options and their prices.

The Pre-built Portable Car Garage Cost & Considerations

Choosing the pre-built route allows you to save BIG on time which if you pressed for it can help save you money. Plus, choosing a pre-built portable garage guarantees a quality built and long-lasting garage without stress, hassle, and work. Thus, the price is usually higher than going the DIY building route.

The cost for a pre-built portable garage [sizes 12×20-16×32] ranges approximately from $9,206 -$20,258.

Here is the approximate price from DuraStor Structures for each size (includes standard features such as an overhead garage door, one door, and one window w/shutters):

  • 12×20 – $9,206
  • 12×24 – $10,800
  • 12×28 – $12,393
  • 12×32 – $13,797
  • 12×36 – $15,041
  • 12×40 – $16,226
  • 14×24 – $12,800
  • 14×28 – $14,684
  • 14×32 – $16,607
  • 14×36 – $18,579
  • 14×40 – $20,372
  • 16×24 – $15,664
  • 16×28 – $17,985
  • 16×32 – $20,258

NOTE: Check out our in-Stock page for deals on pre-built portable garages if you need one fast or you do not wish or need to specially customize it. Save up to $1,000 or more!

Delivery Cost: Is it free or not?

So, let’s say you pick a 14×32 portable pre-built portable garage, you may wonder next, “how much will the cost of delivery add to its approximate price of $16,607?”

Good news!

Usually, if you live within 30-70 miles (of course, this depends upon the pre-built shed builder you go with) delivery is FREE!

At DuraStor Structures, our delivery is free within a 70 miles radius of our location in Dublin, Georgia. If you live outside of the 70-mile free radius, a simple per-mile fee is added for each additional mile.

How Much Does It Cost Beyond 70 miles?

portable car garage free delivery in georgia

Up to 12′ wide – $4.00 per mile

14’ wide – $6.00 per mile

16′ wide – $8.00 per mile

Overall, the delivery of your portable garage does not add significantly to your overall costs.

DIY Portable Garage Cost & Considerations

diy portable car garage cost in georgia


When deciding whether to go DIY for your new portable garage make sure you consider your available TIME for the project and whether you have all the necessary tools and materials on hand. Plus, it is best to consider whether you have adequate construction skills.

If you have time, necessary tools, and construction skills, then going the DIY route will save you the most money at the end of the day. However, the biggest risk factor in going the DIY route is the possibility of a lack of quality in either the build and/or materials.

The cost of building a portable car garage (one-three car garage) usually ranges anywhere from $7,250 – $50,000.

What are the Different Styles of Portable Car Garages?

portable car garage in ga

The following are popular portable car garage styles.

  • The A-Frame Portable Car Garage
  • The Lofted Car Garage
  • The Standard Saltbox Portable Garage
  • Legacy 2-Story MaxiBarn Portable Garage

However, at DuraStor, our focus prioritizes only the A-Frame style. We appreciate the A-Frame style and how it offers such a classy and modern appearance with its clean lines and simplicity. Plus, the A-Frame is the most economical option for your portable car garage.

Your Portable Car Garage Plans – How to Start the Process

The Pre-built Portable Car Garage Planning

portable car garage plan with 3d builder

If you are choosing a pre-built car garage, you have two ways of beginning the process:

  1. Design with the 3D Shed Builder

Our 3D shed builder offers you a fantastic visual tool where you can choose your ideal portable car garage size, color, flooring, and custom options like additional doors, windows, etc., all the while seeing it unfold before your eyes.

The process is super simple and offers you the chance to see what your ideal car garage could look like and gives you its estimated price. After you are pleased with your additions, you can submit them for a quote.


2. Plan with a Shed Builder

Another way of planning out your ideal portable car garage is to partner directly with the shed builder. You can discuss with them your desired car garage and they can empower you in knowing what size, color, add-ons would be the right fit for you and your property.

Our shed representatives are available to assist you in the planning process! Whether you prefer a phone call or an in-person sit-down, at DuraStor Structures, our greatest joys come with working with our valued customers.

DIY Garage Planning

The planning that goes into building your very own car garage is a lot more extensive than choosing the pre-built route, such as acquiring proper tools, materials, measurements, etc.

However, if you are choosing to DIY your portable car garage, check out these garage DIY plans for inspiration and preparation.

portable car garage size in ga

The most popular sizes for a portable one-car garage are 12×24, 14×24, and 16×24.

If you just want vehicle protection a 12×24 offers a comfortable size. However, if you wish for more space to store tools and smaller equipment, a 14×24 is ideal. If you wish for space for a small workshop, storage, and your car a 16×24 is your size match.

How Long Do Portable Car Garages Last?

A quality-built portable car garage will last a lifetime + of use with thoughtful maintenance.

Which is why it is in your best financial interest to avoid purchasing cheap alternatives like a plastic fabric-lined portable garage or even purchasing from a lower quality shed builder.

If you wish for your new portable garage to last a lifetime of reliable use, be sure to do your research for a reputable shed builder.

Can I Build a Portable Car Garage Without a Foundation?

portable car garage in ga

It is highly recommended that you never set a portable garage on your desired location without an adequate foundation. If you wish for your portable garage to last for decades, a properly prepared concrete foundation or gravel foundation will guarantee its longevity and quality of use.

A properly laid gravel foundation is ideal for smaller-sized portable car garages. Plus, gravel foundations tend to be a bit more budget-friendly.

However, if you are considering a large portable car garage, a concrete foundation proves to offer you and your garage the best results.

What Can You Fit in a Portable Car Garage?

what can you fit in a portable car garage

While a portable car garage offers space beyond car storage, it is good to keep in mind that these portable car garages are built for one car.

So, depending upon the size you choose for your portable car garage you may be limited in storing additional gas-powered machines other than your car.

However, portable car garages offer more than just vehicle storage.

A portable car garage offers sufficient space for the following:

  • Vehicles
  • Small boats*
  • Snowmobiles*
  • Golf Carts*
  • Motorcycles*
  • Tractors*
  • ATVs*
  • Mowers*

*If you choose a large enough size, you can fit multiples of these inside your portable car garage.

What is a Portable Car Garage Used For?

portable car garage used for a studio

While traditionally a portable car garage is used to store vehicles, boats, motorcycles, etc., nowadays, they provide the perfect space for creativity and enjoyment.

A portable car garage can be used for the following:

  • A Space for Hobbies – Enjoy space for sewing, crafting, and painting, etc.
  • Storage Space – Store access and organized household or yard storage
  • Studio – Transform into your very own office studio, music studio, art studio, etc.
  • Office Space for Your BusinessSuccess starts in small and thoughtful workspaces
  • Extra Living Space – Convert into a small guest room or tiny house

In conclusion, the space offered by a portable car garage provides you with limitless options for creativity, work, storage, and living your best life.

Get Your Very Own Portable Car Garage Today!

Have you confirmed that a portable car garage is the right fit for you and your space needs?

If so, get ready to enjoy owning the extra space you always wanted to protect your important money investments or to transform into a workshop or hobby retreat.

Portable car garages offer you that affordable and reliable space solution.

Your ideal portable car garage awaits!

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