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Shed Sizes: How to choose the right shed size?

Jared Reiff - January 10, 2024

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Many people reach out to us with their questions about shed buildings. The first question they ask is about how to choose the right shed size. 

Over two decades of experience have taught us that there are three critical factors to know when it comes to choosing the right shed sizes:

  • Purpose– How are you planning to use your shed? A home gym can be a very different size than a simple storage structure. 
  • Property – How big of an area do you have to work with?
  • Affordability – Choosing a shed that is the right size can come down to affordability. There may be a shed that’s size will work, and the price is right too. 

In this post, we’ll explore all the options to help you make the best decision because we want you to make the right investment.


Common Shed Sizes

We are going to divide shed buildings into three standard shed sizes:

Small shed sizes

Small sheds are perfect for storing tools, push mowers, garden hoses, gas cans, and a traditional weed whacker. These are great to install for properties with limited yard space as well.

Common small shed sizes: 6×8, 8×8 and 8×10
Square feet: from 48 sq ft to 80 sq ft
Maximum height: 7.5 ft

small shed sizes in Georgia 1

Medium shed sizes

Medium shed sizes are designed for keeping equipment such as larger gardening tools, shovels, tool cabinets, riding mowers, 2-3 bikes, lawn furniture, gas or charcoal grills, leaf blowers, and snow blowers. These shed sizes are the best options when thinking about storage sizes combined with cost. In addition, medium shed sizes offer the ability to add shelving options that can help you to organize your small belongings easily. Also, these shed sizes are popular to use as a hobby room, she shed, writing room, or guest room.

  • Common small shed sizes: 8×12 and 10×12
  • Square feet: form 96 sq ft to 120 sq ft
  • Maximum height: 7’-8’
medium shed sizes in Georgia

Large shed sizes

Large shed sizes can serve many purposes because their large spaces make them ideal for a workshop, art studio, home gym, home office, or living space. These shed sizes can also be designed to store small tractors, built-in workbenches, ATVs, motorcycles, 4-5 bikes, lawn furniture, ladders, wheelbarrows, canoes, and gas grills.

  • Common small shed sizes: 10×16, 12×12 and 12×16
  • Square feet: from 160 sq ft to 192 sq ft
  • Maximum height: more than 8 ft
large shed sizes in Georgia

What are standard shed sizes?

There are no standard shed sizes; it would simply depend on what works for you in your backyard and how much space you would need. Most shed builders’ typical shed sizes are 8×8, 8×10, 8×12, 10×12, 12×12, and 12×16.

What shed sizes can I build without a permit?

Most sheds sizes like; 6×8, 8×8, 8×10, and 8×12 that are less than 100 square feet will not need a permit. But some municipalities will allow you to build or purchase shed sizes up to 120 square feet without a building permit. For instance, a permit is not needed for one-story storage shed sizes of less than 120 square feet in Georgia.

What Are The Best Storage Shed Sizes?

It is essential to know what shed sizes are suitable for storage needs. Because you don’t want to end up buying a small shed that can’t meet your needs. Or, you don’t want to buy a lot for a large shed you don’t need. To avoid the mistake, some shed owners made, follow the below guidelines!

If you need storage space for your garden tools, light yard equipment, or supplies…8×8, 8×10, and 8×12 shed sizes will work best for you. Or if you need extra storage space that can hold bigger equipment such as a riding mower, snow blower, or small tractor then a 10×12 or 10×16 could be the right shed sizes for you. It also gives you easy access to use them with the expanded space.   

What Size Sheds are good for an art studio?

Many shed sizes and styles are available to turn into an art studio. But some of the most ideal shed sizes are 8×10, 10×10, and 10×12. The most popular of those styles is the Garden Shed Max and Lofted Barn Max. These shed sizes are customizable, adjustable, and the most economical. Whether you buy your shed or build it, it may need a lot to be transformed into your ideal art studio shed. For additional information on this blog or for ideas to finish the interior, watch this video.


Most Common Shed sizes By Use:

Storage Shed Sizes

  • 8×10 – This is a small shed but provides the perfect storage space for all your garden tools.
  • 8×12 – This shed provides enough storage space for most everyday items.
  • 10×12 – It is a great option for storing a single large item riding mower and ATV…
  • 10×16 – It is an ideal size for active use applications
  • 12×16 – This gives good room for long items like kayaks, canoes, and long ladders.
  • 12×20 – It is good for storing small boats, golf carts, motorcycles, tractors…
storage shed sizes

Insulated Shed Sizes

  • 10×16 – This insulated shed size gives you a chance to turn it into office space
  • 10×20 – This insulated shed size is an ideal for workshop space
  • 12×16 – This insulated shed size allows you to have a nice Man cave and tool cabinet
  • 12×20 – Ideal amount of space for a full-blown painting hobby
  • 12×24 – Enough space for a medium-sized couch, additional chairs, a desk, and mini-fridge
  • 12×28 – Plenty of space for creating a roomy getaway with multiple chairs, a couch, a desk, a mini snack station, and more
  • 12×32 – Enjoy plenty of space for pacing, thinking, and setting up your ideal writing space with room for plenty of bookshelves, additional furniture items, and more.
insulated shed size

Office Shed Sizes

  • 8×12 – These are small but work great for a desk with some chairs and even small pieces of office furniture such as an office stand. 
  • 10×12 – This shed offers a good amount of space for an office desk, small sofa, and fridge to keep your drinks cold and pleasant. Read this blog to discover more about shed sizes.
  • 10×20 – These sheds provide more office space than 10×12, so you can add additional furniture or office equipment.
  • 12×16 – These sheds offer ample office space, and you can pretty much add all office essentials. Check out this video for a 12×16 shed size view

Pool House Shed Sizes

  • 10×20 – Set up a cozy seating area, lockers for swimwear, and small shelving storage with these sheds.
  • 12×16 – These sheds have enough room for creating a comfy seating area, snack bar, and changing room.
  • 12×24 – This shed size offers extra space for furniture, a fridge for drinks, and even a small bed for napping.
  • 12×24 – Add a complete bathroom with shower, toilet, sink, small living room, and a small kitchen with a 12×24 size shed.
pool house shed sizes

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Garden Shed Sizes

  • 10×12 –  It provides good floor space and affordable
  • 10×16 – This shed size is used to store home and garden tools
  • 10×20 – This garden shed provides 200 square feet of floor space
  • 12×16 – It is designed for storing yard tools and smaller pieces of furniture
  • 12×24 – It can hold many things including vehicle 
  • 12×28 – It is used to store tractors, gardening tools, supplies, riding mowers, and snow blowers.
  • 12×32 – It is ideal for a maintenance station.
  • 14×32 – It provides a multitude of possibilities…
garden shed sizes in ga

Tiny House Shed Sizes

  • 10×12 – It is ideal for children to play, read and relax.
  • 10×16 – This shed size provides a lot of space for older children to do their fun activities 
  • 12×16 – It is good for setting up tables, chairs, shelves, and others.

Home Gym Shed Sizes

  • 10×12 – This size shed is perfect for yoga!
  • 12×12 – More space for adding some heavy lifting equipment can be found in this shed.
  • 12×16 – This shed offers great room for setting up work benches and weightlifting equipment.
  • 12×20 – The 12×20 shed provides optimal space for your ideal workout scenario.

Find the Perfect Shed Size for Your Needs

Whether you are looking for storage space for your tools, outdoor equipment, ATV, mower, household items, or relaxation…finding the right shed size is essential!

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Your ideal shed size awaits! You got this!

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