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10×16 Sheds: Space What You Need

Jared Reiff - January 12, 2024

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Is a 10×16 shed right for you?

Do you need a space for your leaf blower, lawnmower, and gardening equipment? Are you concerned about storing your motorcycle, ATV, or another recreational vehicle outside? Do you want a separate space for your home office, home gym, or workshop? Do you wish your garage had more elbow room? If you have been asking these questions,  a 10×16 Shed may be the solution you are looking for!


10x16 shed in georgia

Why should you consider a 10×16 shed versus a smaller size? If you are hoping to set up a workshop you will need shelving for tools, and supplies along with a bench for assembling projects. If you want to build an office or entertainment room, you will need space chairs, a sofa, and other furnishings. Or maybe you just need more storage. There is no denying that a backyard shed is a homeowner’s ultimate storage solution. You can store your lawnmower, tools, sports equipment, lawn furniture, seasonal decorations, and anything else that just eats up space. With 160 square feet of space, a 10×16 shed is a great option for more than just storage. We hope this guide helps you with your shed purchasing decisions.

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Why get a 10×16 storage shed?

There are multiple reasons to purchase a 10×16 storage shed. Here are our top five.

Storage: We understand the frustration caused by excessive clutter. No one wants to stumble over the unused bike while retrieving the Christmas decorations from the back shelf in the garage. A backyard storage shed is an easy solution to help clear up the unnecessary clutter stuffed away in the attic or garage.

Safety: Think of the things you do not want in the house near the kids. Gas cans, pesticides, weed killer, and lawnmowers will be safer tucked away in a shed than if they are easily accessed in the garage. Storing your lawn care equipment in your shed removes the fire hazards, grass clippings, and other debris from your equipment out of your garage.

Workshop: If the year 2020 taught us anything, it’s that working from home is easily done. You can create your custom office space for you to focus on your work away from the distractions in the house. Or do you enjoy woodworking, painting, or music? A 10×16 shed is a great option to house your home studio! A 10×16 wooden shed is large enough to build your creative space where you will get things done! Customize with shelves, tables, and furniture. The possibilities are endless! 

Solitude: Do you need a place to escape? A wooden shed may not be the first option you think of when planning a game room. If you enjoy gaming, movies, or just lounging around, purchase a beautiful wooden shed and convert it into your dream gaming setup or home theater! If reading is your hobby, add a sofa, bookcase, and other cozy furnishings. You now have the perfect quiet space to kick back and relax! Converting a backyard shed into a man cave or she-shed gives you the escape you need while remaining at home. 

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How to determine what type of 10×16 sheds are right for you?

The Garden Shed Max

The Garden Shed Max is one of our most popular options for customers who need more storage space and a design that complements their yard. Designed with 7’ 4” sidewalls this spacious shed can easily be your man cave, she shed, or workshop. Or maybe you just need storage? A backyard garden shed gives you the space to store anything and everything. A properly designed garden shed provides the ultimate storage solution while tying together your backyard living space.  Visit our 3d builder to custom design your shed to your specific needs!

10x16 sheds in ga

The Lofted Barn Max

Our Lofted Barn Max gives you the most overhead storage space compared to our other buildings. Store your large heavy items on the floor and use the loft to store any extra small boxes. This barn can also be customized as your hobby space or function as a storage area. The possibilities for how the Lofted Barn Max could be used are nearly endless!

10x16 sheds with loft 1

The Utility Shed

Our Utility Shed is an excellent choice if you need a quality building but don’t need all the features included with our “Max” line of buildings. Don’t let the lower cost fool you! With 50-year siding and 30- year shingles our utility shed does not compromise on quality. An outdoor shed can be home to many different animals. If you are looking for a protected space for your chickens look no further. Does your dog house need an upgrade? A shed could be the perfect home for any family pet.

10x16 sheds in dublin ga

How to customize a 10×16 shed?

Our 3d builder is a great place to start with your custom ideas. Remember what you plan to store in the shed when deciding on door and shelf sizes. Make a floor plan before positioning your shelves or workbenches. Check out the custom options listed below or browse our gallery if you need some inspiration. We also offer porches and dormers that will go great with your Man Cave, or she shed design.

10x16 sheds made with 3d builder

10×16 sheds: Options and Features


Shelves are a must when organizing your storage space. Do you plan on just storing things or do you need a workbench and shelves? Shelf placement is crucial when creating a floor plan Check out our shelf options on our website or check out these DIY ideas on Pinterest.

10x16 shed shelves


Our Lofted Barn Max gives you all the benefits of the Garden Shed Max plus additional overhead storage. Store your boxes of less commonly used items here.

10x16 sheds with loft


Your shed does not need to be dark and gloomy! Choose from our variety of window sizes to let in natural light. Consider adding dormer windows for additional aesthetics.

10x16 sheds windows options in georgia


Exterior shutters help you control the light and protect from the outdoor elements. They also function as a great visual addition to your shed design.

IMG 1266


Your shed is only as useful as the door itself. Choose from our multiple door sizes that will be wide enough for anything you need to place in storage. A single 36” wide insulated door is a great option when building a home office, studio, or entertainment room. 6’ Double doors are the best option for storing your lawnmower or ATV. Spruce up your design by adding a double door with a transom.

10x16 sheds door options


A ramp will be very useful if you store our garden tractor, ATV, or another recreational vehicle in your shed.

Electrical packages

We offer two electrical packages. Our basic package includes one light socket and one switch-outlet combo. Select the deluxe package for a breaker panel, 4 outlets, and 2 – 4 foot LED lights. A breaker panel gives you the option of adding more outlets and lights. Consider adding decorative light to the exterior for additional aesthetics.

Siding and Trim Paint Colors

With many custom colors available, make your wooden shed uniquely yours! Pick the sidewall color that will look best in your yard. While often overlooked, trim can add punctuation and balance to your shed’s final look.  See our available options of Siding and Trim Colors here

Metal Roofing Colors

Select from multiple roof colors to complement the walls and trim. We are happy to provide you with an exact color sample upon request. Click here to see Metal Roofing Colors.

Design Your Very Own 10X16 Shed

Are you ready to purchase your 10×16 wooden shed? We have a variety of portable buildings and sheds for sale, ready for immediate delivery to your door. Check our large selection of in-stock standard-designed sheds for sale. We update this page frequently so check back frequently. If you don’t see what you want or are looking for or want a truly unique shed, use our 3d builder and request a quote today! We can always custom-build one just for you.  We build three styles of 10×16 sheds, The Garden Shed Max, The Lofted Barn Max, The Utility Shed.

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Get Started on Your 10×16 Shed

We hope these details helped you decide on which 10×16 shed is right for you. While a DIY shed is an option, our premade sheds remove the headaches and confusion. You can see what our customers thought about the sheds they bought from us here. Purchasing a large backyard shed is a great investment that will provide value for years to come; however, we understand purchasing a shed isn’t an option for everybody. That is why we offer a Rent-To-Own program. We have 24, 36, and 48 month plans available to fit anyone’s budget. If you are still undecided, please call us or send us an email at sales@durastorstructures.com.

Design Your Own Shed or Get It Pre-Built!