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12x16 Shed: Price, Siding Materials, Flooring, Foundation and So Much More

Jared Reiff - January 10, 2024

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A 12×16 shed is a very popular shed size which may be the reason you landed on this article in the first place. You know where the good stuff is at!

In this article, let’s discuss 12×16 pricing and costs, its materials, its size, foundation options, and more! Let’s start with the average pricing of a 12×16 shed.

12x16 shed in ga

How Much Does a 12×16 Shed Cost?

Generally, a 12×16 shed costs anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000 depending upon whether it is DIY or prebuilt.  The pricing is affected also by the style, type of roofing, or other special customizations.

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How Much Does Prebuilt 12×16 Sheds Cost?

A pre-built 12×16 shed cost ranges from approx. $5,500 to about $8,000.

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Factors Affecting the Cost of a 12×16 Shed

Here are the top 5 factors affecting the price of a 12×16 shed.

  1. Siding Materials
  2. Style
  3. Roofing Materials
  4. Special Customization
  5. Delivery

Let’s dive a little deeper into the details of how each factor affects the price of a 12×16 shed.

12x16 shed factors

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1.     Siding Materials

There are typically 3 types of prebuilt 12×16 sheds.

  1. Wood Sheds
  2. Vinyl Sheds
  3. Metal Sheds

Let’s discuss briefly discuss the pros and cons of each.

12×16 Wood Sheds

12x16 wood shed in ga


  • Most aesthetically pleasing
  • Easily customizable
  • Add-ons such as shelving etc. are simple
  • Countless paint options are available
  • Structurally sturdy


  • Prone to rot and insects
  • More expensive than metal
  • Requires occasional maintenance

12×16 Vinyl Sheds

12x16 vinyl shed for sale ga wv md 1600x1600 1

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  • Little to no maintenance is needed
  • Resists rotting and warping
  • Repels insects
  • Attractive
  • Withstands extreme temperatures well
  • Durable


  • Most expensive option
  • Prone to fading
  • Less environmentally friendly

12×16 Metal Sheds

12x16 metal shed in ga

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  • Generally cheapest option
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Little maintenance required
  • Holds up well against high winds and intense weather conditions
  • Rot and insect resistant


  • Less aesthetically pleasing
  • Prone to rust
  • Not customizable
  • Can be flimsy or lack strength if low-quality metal

2.     Style

12×16 sheds come in a variety of different styles.

  • Utility or A-Frame
  • Garden Max (A-Frame Deluxe)
  • Lofted Barn Max
  • Saltbox
  • Mini Barn

Some styles are more expensive than other styles.

For example, if you favor the Lofted Barn Max style over the Utility style, the difference could be about $2,000 due to the extra construction and detailed craftsmanship involved.

3.     Roofing Materials

Often the options available for roofing materials are either metal roofing or architectural shingles. Metal roofing tends to be more expensive than shingles.

However, that is not always the case, depending upon the quality of the metal roofing. Some shed companies will offer metal roofing as their cheaper option.

Usually, though, metal is more expensive by approximately $200.

prefabricated sheds metal roof 1600x1600 1

4.     Special Customizations

Adding special touches to your 12×16 shed like extra windows, doors, vents, insulation, loft, workbench, or shelving will increase its overall price. Click here to know more about Shed and Garage Options and Colors.

5.     Delivery Cost of a 12×16 Shed

Most local shed builders offer free delivery up to a certain mileage. For example, DuraStor offers free delivery within a 70 miles radius of their shop. Then once delivery exceeds the allotted radius, generally the cost of delivery is $8.00 a mile beyond.

storage shed delivery ga IMG 1352 1 1600x1600 1

How Much Will It Cost to Build a 12×16 Shed?

A DIY build of a 12×16 shed can cost anywhere from $2,000 -$4,000 depending upon how many materials and tools you already have on hand. Also, the cost depends upon how intricate or simple of a shed design you choose.

12×16 Shed Plans & Informative Video

If you are hoping to DIY your 12×16 shed, here are some shed plans available.

Check out this informative video on how to DIY a 12×16 shed

Tools, Time, & Labor

While initially, the price for a DIY shed is cheaper, there are 3 factors that will add an additional cost.

  1. Tools
  2. Time
  3. Labor

Let’s break down each factor a bit more.


For a list of materials for building a 12×16 shed, check out this article on How to Build a 12×16 Gable Shed.

Here are some of the tools needed:

  • Circular saw
  • Drill machinery and drill bits
  • Milter saw
  • 6’ Ladder
  • Safety glasses
  • Hammer
  • Tape measurer
  • 4’ level
  • Nail punch
  • Speed square
  • Extension ladder
  • 2 sawhorses

If you do not already have most of the tools above, expect your overall shed cost to increase.


Building a shed takes time especially if you want it done right. Expect to take at least a month or so of weekends to fully complete your 12×16 shed.

Considering the amount of time that is required, you could calculate that in the overall cost of a DIY shed. Time is money. If you have plenty of time, then DIYing your shed will save you the cost of labor.


One of the main benefits of building a 12×16 shed by yourself would be saving on the cost of labor.

The cost of labor contributes to the overall cost of a pre-built shed. However, if you are short on time and lack skilled carpentry experience, paying for another’s skilled labor will be worth it at the end of the day and 15 years down the road.

Pre-Built 12×16 Shed Interior Options

When it comes to choosing your ideal pre-built 12×16 shed, here are some interior options to consider:


Choose between a ¾ sanded plywood or a ¾ treated floor. Basically, a treated floor would provide more strength to the overall flooring structure than sanded plywood.

IMG 0723

Electric Package

Choose between deluxe or basic wiring. Deluxe provides you with a breaker panel, 4 outlets, and 2-4 LED lights. The basic provides you with one light socket and one switch outlet combo.

12x16 shed electric package ga


Add shelves for ready to go organization of your tools or storage.

12x16 shed with shelves in ga


Enjoy more overhead storage space with the addition of a loft

12x16 shed with loft in ga


With the addition of a workbench, you can start on your projects right away.

12x16 shed workbench

12×16 Shed Plans – How to Plan Your Ideal Pre-built 12×16 Shed

There are two ways you can design your 12×16 shed.

  • Plan with a 3D Shed Builder
  • Plan with a shed builder representative

Planning with a 3D shed builder allows you to see a visual of what your ideal 12×16 shed would look like. You can choose your ideal style, interior, and exterior options, paint colors, and more! The 3D builder is often the highlight of customers.

Screen Shot 2022 02 21 at 11 35 11 AM

Or you can call or meet up in person with a shed builder representative. They will be happy to sit down with you in person or over the phone to help answer any questions and guide you to a satisfactory decision.

How Big is a 12×16 Shed?

To know how much space you would have inside a 12×16 shed simply calculate the width and the height together and you will get the square footage. It is 192 square feet.

What Can You Fit in a 12×16 Shed?

A 12×16 shed offers a spacious space for a variety of important items including the following:

  • Golf cart
  • A small boat
  • Riding mower
  • Bicycles
  • ATVs
  • Motorcycles
  • Lawn care equipment
  • Tools
  • Snowblowers
Screen Shot 2022 02 21 at 4 57 42 PM

What are the Best Uses of a 12×16 Shed?

The interior space provided by 12×16 provides generous room for the following uses:

    • Workshop
    • Man cave/she shed
    • Living space (tiny cabin)
  • Home office


  • Art studio
painting studio in ga 1200x700 c

Does a 12×16 Shed Need a Foundation?

Yes, a 12×16 shed absolutely needs a proper foundation to keep the shed from mold and moisture damage. This is especially true if you choose a wooden shed.

What is the Best Foundation for a 12×16 Shed?

The following offers you 3 common shed foundations along with our top recommendation.


storage shed delivery ga IMG 1946 1600x1600 1

While foundation blocks are the cheapest route to go. Blocks do keep your shed’s floor off the ground, however other problems still go unsolved. You should have concrete blocks at every corner and in between them. Remember to support the middle area of the shed in a similar pattern.

Gravel pad

IMG 1097 1067x800 1

Photo credit: Source

This foundation option is our top recommendation. Not only does a gravel pad provide sufficient separation from the ground, but it also solves the issue of water build-up and unwanted moisture. Plus, gravel pads are less expensive than concrete foundations.

Learn more about gravel pads here.

Concrete foundation

concrete shed foundation in maple shade nj 1067x800 jpeg

Another option for a foundation for a 12×16 shed is a concrete foundation. This option is the most expensive and not highly recommended for basic shed uses. Check out this article, Concrete Versus Gravel Foundation – Which Should I Choose?

Learn more about whether a shed needs a foundation by reading this helpful article, Do You Need a Shed for a Foundation?

How Much Does a Foundation Cost for a 12×16 Shed?

The costs for a foundation vary depending upon what foundation type you pick. Let’s look at the top foundation recommendation for a 12×16 shed, a gravel pad.

You can expect a site prep company to charge approximately $4.50 – $8.50 on the ground level that is mostly flat.

However, there are different factors that affect cost like location and whether the ground is even or sloped.

Also, enjoy reading the article, How Much Does Site Prep Cost as well.


Hope you learned all that you wanted to know about 12×16 sheds!

Best of luck to you if you are planning to DIY your 12×16 shed.

If you are currently looking for a pre-built 12×16 shed and you are in the sunny state of Georgia, check out our available pre-built 12×16 sheds.

Otherwise, google local shed builder near me and with careful research, you should be able to nail down a trustworthy and satisfactory 12×16 pre-built shed company.

Design Your Own Shed or Get It Pre-Built!