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Storage Shed Cost: A Complete Pricing Guide

Jared Reiff - January 12, 2024

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When it comes to finding out storage shed costs, it’s good to know the factors that influence shed costs. This includes the shed’s size and components such as doors, windows, floors, roofing, ramps, vents, shelves, and construction. If you have shed cost-related questions, then read this informative article to find out about the costs of materials that are used to build a storage shed. 

Whether you buy or build your storage shed, this article will help you understand how much it will cost to have a storage shed that meets your needs. 


Storage shed cost: Flooring

Flooring for any shed is the most significant component. It makes a difference whether you use your shed for storing tools and supplies or garage equipment. You can also use it as a Man cave, She shed, Art studio, or Home office. It costs about $1-$1.50 per square ft. with a ⅝” pressure-treated floor plywood. Heavy-duty, on the other hand, costs between $2-$3 per square ft. The cost depends on the store where you will purchase your materials.


For example, storing garage equipment requires a heavy-duty flooring surface to support your heavy tools and equipment. This style uses 3/4″ pressure treated floor plywood with 2×6 floor joints 12” on center. For lighter equipment storage, ⅝” sanded floor plywood with 2×4 floor joists, 16”  on center will do just fine for storage sheds used for keeping light supplies, tools, and personal belongings. It is recommended to use 3” ring shank nails to install the plywood. It helps to keep the floor strong and stops it from coming apart.

storage shed cost for flooring

Storage shed cost: Windows

Storage sheds are built for different purposes, like workstations, offices, or storage. Knowing your shed use indicates whether you need windows or not. You will need windows if you plan to spend your time there; creating your own art, reading or writing your next book, making your handicraft, or starting your family business.

The cost of windows will be varied depending on the size and material of the windows you would like to install. Many shed builders build storage sheds with 2×3 single pane windows. It is a comfortable and affordable option. It costs between $80 to $90 per window. If you want to install windows that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and have a low impact on the environment, then 2×3 vinyl insulated windows will be ideal. It costs between $165 to $175 per window unit.

Also, it is recommended to install 3×4 vinyl insulated windows for those who need maintenance-free, energy-efficient, long-lasting windows. These windows also provide more light! This style of windows will vary in cost, around $270 per window unit. 

In addition to windows, some shed builders offer shutters that go along with windows. The average price of a shutter is $35 per window. They can give a unique look to your shed and control the amount of sunlight coming into your room. 

However, utility sheds do not need installed windows. Usually, people have them to store items like outdoor furniture, gardening supplies, and gas cans.

IMG 1227

Storage shed cost: Doors

Whether you want to replace an old rotted out door or replace the double door with the garage door, it costs money. Each shed builder has different standard door options that they use to build storage sheds. It is better to customize your shed with a shed builder before purchasing it. It is affordable and convenient to have professionals do that for you. The cost of storage shed doors varies.

  • Single 36” Door – starts at $140
  • 36” Fiber Glass 9-Lite Door – starts at $265
  • 6′ Wood Double Door – starts at $200
  • 8’x7’ or 9’x7’ Garage Door – starts at $750

If you live in Georgia, reach out to DuraStor Structures with your shed cost-related questions and custom features.

storage shed cost for doors

Storage shed cost: New & Replacement Roofs

Having a long-lasting roof is essential. This is particularly true if you use your shed for storage, gardening, a She shed, an Art studio, or a home office. Because you don’t want the rafters, ceiling joints, paint, or drywall of your shed to get damaged. If you are wondering how much it would cost for a shed roof without labor, you can expect to pay between $65-$75 per hour. This is what most shed owners spend to install a new shed roof for medium size storage sheds.

  • Asphalt shingle roof – $400-$600
  • Metal roof – $670-$800

When replacing your shed roof, you must consider other expenses like removing the old roof, dumpster rental, or junk pick-up.  

prefabricated sheds 30 year shingles 1600x1600 1

Storage shed cost: Ramp

It is essential to have a shed ramp installed if you use it to keep riding types of equipment in and out of your shed. 

Average storage shed ramps cost the following:

  • 4’ x 6’ ramp – $175 and more 
  • 5’ x 6’ ramp – $200 and more
  • 6’ x 6’ ramp – $250 and more (Most shed builders recommend use)
storage shed cost for ramp

To choose the ramp length, determine the external ground level to the storage shed floor. And the slope that you choose will depend on the equipment you store and safety. It is better to make the slope as shallow as possible to avoid any safety problems and provide access to every piece of equipment you would like to store. You can read this blog or watch this video to learn how to build a DIY storage shed ramp. However, we don’t recommend trimming the double door as shown in this video when you build your shed ramp. We will advise you to install it with no cutting the doors.


Storage shed cost: Electricity

Running power to a shed costs anywhere between $225 and $750. The former includes more basic wiring, a light bulb, and a switch combo. If you are looking for a deluxe wiring option, including a breaker panel, a pair of 4’ LED lights, and four outlets, it will be the latter price above. Running power to your shed is not easy work if it is your first time. It can be a 1-2 day job for those who don’t have electrical experience. You will also need to gather some tools and supplies such as; conduit, wiring, cords, switch boxes, and others.

It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to electrical work. It can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. But if you add electrical options before purchasing, your shed is more affordable and easier to outfit. Also, it will be done by a licensed electrician who can do high-quality work on running power. 

Storage shed cost: Shelving + Workbenches

Installing a storage shed in your backyard is great, but using it more efficiently is greater than that. Adding shelving and workbenches can be one of the best ways of upgrading your shed and using it for multiple purposes like storage and a workstation. If you are wondering how much would it cost to build, own or install, we have an answer. It costs you about $30 per linear foot for 2’ shelves with three layers high. If you want to add a workbench to it, it would cost you an extra $25 per linear foot. Or, you can build your own shelf and workbench using the wood pieces you have at home. It is straightforward and does not require any carpenter skill to do.

storage shed cost for shelving


We hope these details about storage shed costs have helped you to upgrade or make your next storage shed project run smoothly. There are never-ending options and features available for any storage shed. Enjoy!


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