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14x32 Sheds For Sale

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14×32 Sheds For Sale in Georgia


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14x32 Garage

$15977.00 SALE! $14399.30

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14x32 Garden Shed Max

$13909.00 SALE! $12560.60

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14×32 Shed Styles

14×32 Garden Shed Max

Standard Price: $13,484.00

Our Garden Shed Max is our most popular storage shed style, and it’s a great choice for anyone interested in upgrading the look of their backyard while providing a place to keep your tools, lawn mowers, and other items organized.

These sheds are available with a variety of upgrades and can be customized with extra doors, shelving, and windows. Feel free to choose from our inventory or design your own with our 3D Builder Tool.

14×32 Lofted Barn Max

Standard Price: $15,114.00

Our Lofted Barn Max features a distinct barn-style design that allows it to have a spacious interior area. These prefab storage buildings have gambrel-style trusses that make it easier to fit larger items. If you want a shed that maximizes storage potential, this is the shed for you.

These storage sheds come equipped with a standard loft area, but can be upgraded with extra doors, shelving and windows. Design yours with our 3D Builder, or get own today by checking out our inventory.

14×32 Garage

Standard Price: $15,777.00

Our prefab Garage Sheds are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a complete storage solution. These sheds the perfect place to store vehicles, ATVs, and other large items. For maximum protection and security, choose our Garage Shed.

We often have a selection of Garage Sheds in stock, but you can also order one with our 3D builder. Here, you can choose to add a variety of upgrades, such as additional windows, doors, and shelving.

Other Shed Sizes We Offer

At DuraStor Structures, we build a variety of prefab garage and storage shed styles and sizes, so you’ll be sure to find something that works for you. Here are few sizes similar to the 14×32 storage shed size:

12×32 Storage Buildings

14×24 Storage Buildings

14×28 Storage Buildings

14×36 Storage Buildings

14×40 Storage Buildings

Design Your 14×32 Shed

Custom-Built Storage Buildings

Can’t find what you want? With our 3D design tool, you can can custom build your 14×32 storage shed exactly the way you want it. Here’s what you can do with our 3D Builder:

  • Select the model, size and color of your shed
  • Add extra windows and doors
  • Choose between different flooring materials
  • Add shelving, lofts, and electrical packages
  • And more! Try it out today!

FAQs and Information About 14×32 Sheds

Do I need a permit for a 14×32 shed? 

In many areas, a permit is required for any shed that measures 120 square feet or larger. A 14×32 shed measures 448 square feet, so you’ll likely need a permit for a shed this size. For more information on shed permits, check out our article on shed permits in Georgia.

Rent-To-Own 14×32 Sheds- An Alternative to Self-Storage

We offer a convenient Rent-To-Own payment plan for our 14×32 sheds. Buying a shed with our Rent-To-Own program is a great alternative to renting a self-storage unit. Here are some of the things you get with a Rent-To-Own shed:

  • Convenience: You can keep your possessions on your own property
  • Value: Your rental payments are actually used to buy the shed
  • Customizability: Instead of a standard self-storage unit, you can buy a shed that actually meets your needs.

Ways to use a 14×32 shed

A 14×32 shed can be used in a variety of ways. Here, we a have a number of articles about how to use your shed, as well as ways to upgrade your storage shed.

How to Build a Shed House: In this article, you’ll learn all about how to convert a shed into a shed house for your next hunting cabin or vacation spot

Transforming Your Shed into a Shed Cabin- A 5 Step Guide: Here, you can learn all about how to turn your new shed into a shed cabin.

Shed Shelving IdeasLearn all about how to optimize your shed shelving so you can maximize your storage space.

Design Your Own Shed or Get It Pre-Built!