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Premium Storage Sheds in Swainsboro, GA

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Sheds in Swainsboro, GA: Upgrade Your Backyard

Do you live in Swainsboro, GA, or neighboring areas? We are delighted to announce that DuraStore Structures offers quality storage sheds in Swainsboro GA. Our goal is to help you find the perfect storage building that fits your budget and meets your needs.

Durrel Strite, the managing owner of this company, has been in the portable shed building business for many years. His experience has allowed him to develop a unique line of storage sheds. If you have any questions about our storage sheds as you browse around our site, you can always reach out to Durrel directly on his cell phone at (478) 595-6513. (Note: please leave a message outside of normal business hours).

Storage Buildings for Sale in Swainsboro, GA


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12x32 Lofted Barn Max

$12559.00 SALE! $11338.10

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12x20 Lofted Barn Max

$8638.00 SALE! $8216.10

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12x16 Garden Shed Max

$6432.00 SALE! $6110.40

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12x28 Lofted Barn Max

$11428.00 SALE! $10320.20

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10x16 Garden Shed Max

$5150.00 SALE! $4892.50

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14x32 Garden Shed Max

$13909.00 SALE! $12560.60

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10x20 Garden Shed Max

$6401.00 SALE! $5760.90

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10x16 Lofted Barn Max

$5884.00 SALE! $5295.60

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SALE! IMG 7772

14x32 Garage

$15977.00 SALE! $15188.15

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Portable Storage Buildings in Swainsboro, GA


The Garden Shed Max

The Garden Shed Max, our most popular shed model, is a versatile storage solution for those looking to elevate their backyard style while providing a convenient storage area for tools, supplies, and toys.

Our sheds come with a variety of upgrades, giving you the option to personalize them with additional doors, shelving, and windows. Choose a storage building from our existing inventory or create your unique design with our 3D Builder Tool.

The Lofted Barn Max

The Lofted Barn Max features a unique barn-style design that allows it to have a roomy interior. With gambrel-style trusses, these sheds are great for storing larger items, making them the ideal choice for those looking for maximum storage space.

These sheds are fully customizable when you use our 3D Builder tool to order. You can choose from a variety of add-ons from extra windows and doors, to interior shelving and work benches.

The Garage

One of our portable garage buildings solves your parking needs and storage needs. It even creates a workspace to work on fixing your car or doing other activities. Our garage comes with an overhead door on the one end, a 3′ pedestrian door, and windows on the side.

You always have an option custom order your own garage shed with our 3D Builder tool. This garage shed is wide enough to keep your vehicle and any other types of equipment you have at your Swainsboro, GA home.

The Utility Shed

Our Utility sheds offer the highest shed space for your money. These sheds don’t have all of the features of our other shed models, but they are built with same quality materials. They are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable storage solution at a great price.

When you use our 3D Builder tool to customize your shed, you have the flexibility to select from a range of upgrades, including windows, an additional door, or interior shelving. You also have the option to choose the exterior paint color and trim that best suits your preferences.


Custom Sheds in Swainsboro, GA

Design a Shed: Use Our 3D Builder

Looking for something different? With our 3D design tool, you can custom-build your 12×16 storage shed exactly how you want it and order it. Here’s what you can do with our 3D Builder:

  • Select the model, size and color of your shed
  • Add extra windows and doors
  • Choose between different flooring materials
  • Add shelving, lofts, and electrical packages
  • And more! Try it out today!


Rent-To-Own Sheds in Swainsboro, GA

We offer a more affordable path to shed ownership for those who don’t want to pay the total cost of a shed up front. Here are some great benefits to our RTO program.

Great Alternative to Self Storage – Don’t waste your money by paying a monthly rental fee for a storage unit you’ll never own. Instead, put your money towards your own backyard storage structure.

A Convenient Storage Solution – Instead of driving to a storage facility, give yourself a place to store those items cluttering up your garage, all from the convenience of your backyard.

Storage Space Your Way – You can design your storage shed with our 3D Builder, so it fits your exact needs.

Our Projects in Georgia

Your Swainsboro, GA Storage Shed Builder

Durrel Strite has been building sheds ever since he was 14 years old. During his many years of working in the shed industry, Durrel learned that great customer service and top-notch products are two important keys to operating a successful storage shed company. Today, Durrel aims to build a company that delivers on those two key principles. Here are a few more reasons to consider buying your next storage sheds in Swainsboro GA from DuraStor Structures.

  • A rent-to-own option is available. If you don’t have the cash but need more storage space now, rent-to-own may be your solution.
  • Hassle-free setup. DuraStor Structures will provide the blocking to level your building on sites up to 18” off-level. We offer delivery to Swainsboro GA and the surrounding areas.
  • An owner-operated company. Get great customer service when you connect directly with Durrel.
  • Cutting edge design tool. Use our 3D builder to design your building and see it before you order.

Design Your Own Shed or Get It Pre-Built!