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10x20 Sheds For Sale

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10×20 Storage Sheds For Sale in Georgia

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10x20 Garden Shed Max

$7743.03 SALE! $7422.98

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10x20 Lofted Barn Max

$7553.00 SALE! $7186.60

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10x20 Utility Shed

$5485.00 SALE! $5219.75

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SALE! 10% OFF IMG 6968

10x20 Lofted Barn Max

$7328.00 SALE! $6595.20

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10x20 Garden Shed Max

$7743.03 SALE! $7422.98

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SALE! 10% OFF IMG 6551

10x20 Lofted Barn Max

$7328.00 SALE! $6595.20

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SALE! 10% OFF IMG 2544

10x20 Garden Shed Max

$6401.00 SALE! $5760.90

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10x20 Garden Shed Max

$6666.00 SALE! $6345.95

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10x20 Garden Shed Max

$6401.00 SALE! $6080.95

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10×20 Portable Building Styles

10×20 Garden Shed Max

Standard Price: $6,401.00

One of our most popular storage shed models, the Garden Shed Max is a great choice for anyone interested in a versatile storage solution that fits in a variety of settings. These are great sheds for storage, workshops, or even hobby sheds.

These storage buildings are available with a variety of upgrades and can be customized with extra doors, shelving, and windows. Feel free to choose from our inventory or design your own with our 3D Builder Tool.

10×20 Lofted Barn Max

Standard Price: $7,328.00

The Lofted Barn Max is the portable building for anyone looking for the ultimate storage solution. With its gambrel trusses, it features a unique profile and plenty of interior storage space. It’s the perfect storage shed for your backyard or farm.

These storage sheds come equipped with a standard loft area, but can be upgraded with extra doors, shelving, and windows. Design yours with our 3D Builder, or get your own today by checking out our inventory.


Other Shed Sizes We Offer

At DuraStor Structures, we build a variety of prefab garage and storage shed styles and sizes, so you’ll be sure to find something that works for you. Here are a few sizes similar to the 10×20 storage shed size:

10×14 Storage Buildings

10×16 Storage Buildings

12×16 Storage Buildings

12×20 Storage Buildings

12×24 Storage Buildings

Design Your 10×20 Shed

Outdoor Storage Your Way

Looking for something else? With our 3D design tool, you can custom-build your 10×20 storage shed exactly how you want it. Here’s what you can do with our 3D Builder:

  • Select the model, size, and color of your shed
  • Add extra windows and doors
  • Choose between different flooring materials
  • Add shelving, lofts, and electrical packages
  • And more! Try it out today!

FAQs and Information About 10×20 Sheds

Do I need a permit for a 10×20 shed? 

In many areas, a permit is required for any shed that measures 120 square feet or larger. A 10×20 shed measures 200 square feet, so you’ll likely need a permit for a shed this size. For more information on shed permits, check out our article on shed permits in Georgia.

Rent-To-Own 10×20 Sheds- An Alternative to Self-Storage

We offer a convenient Rent-To-Own payment plan for our 10×20 sheds. This payment plan is a great alternative to self-storage units. Here are some of the words that describe Rent-To-Own:

  • Convenient: You can keep your possessions on your own property
  • Cost Effective: Your rental payments are actually used to buy the shed
  • Customizable: Instead of a standard self-storage unit, you can buy a shed that actually meets your needs.

Ways to use a 10×20 sheds

A 10×20 shed can be used in a variety of ways, from storage to a hobby shed and beyond. Here’s a list of ways you to use a 10×20 shed besides as a storage building.

Home Office– Create your own office with a home office shed. Read this article on how to create a home office in a shed for more info.

She Shed– Looking for a personal backyard oasis?  Design your own by converting a shed into a she shed. Read our she shed article for more info.

Backyard Cabin– A 10×20 shed can be converted into your own backyard cabin. This could be used for a vacation rental or even a guest quarters.

Design Your Own Shed or Get It Pre-Built!