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10x16 Garden Max
Clay w/ White Trim
 Black Shutters
Price $3,062

12x16 Garden Max 
Silver Maple w/ Black Trim
Price $3,824

​​12x32 Garden Max
Buckskin w/ White Trim and Doors
 Black Shutters
Price $7,340

14x32 Garden Max
Clay w/ White Trim
Black Shutters, and Doors
Price $8,647

​​​ 12x16 Lofted Barn Max
Pequea Green w/ White Trim
Price $4,480

10x16 Lofted Barn
Red w / White Trim
Price $3,498


​​ 12x20 Lofted Barn Max
Clay w/ White Trim
Price $5,147

12x24 Lofted Barn
Silver Maple w/ Black Trim
Price $5,878

​​12x28 Lofted Barn Max
Red w/ White Trim
Price $6,832

10x12 Utility
Clay w/ White Trim
Price $2,137

12x28 Garage
Clay w/ White Trim
Price $6,999

10x16 Utility
Quaker Tan w/ Almond Trim
Price $2,447