About Us

   Durrel, the president of DuraStor Structures, has been involved in the storage shed business for 19 plus years. His dad, Darrel, started a family business in 1996. Durrel was 13 at the time and loved to be outdoors helping his dad. He still remembers going along to get the first supplies and helping paint the first shed. By age 14 or 15 Durrel sold his first building and could assemble a small one by himself.
   As the oldest son in the family he eventually carried a lot of responsibility in the business. His primary roll was constructing the buildings and filling in on deliveries and sales.
   In 2010 Durrel met his wife Jen and they were married in 2011. They settled in Texas close to Durrel's family and he continued working for his dad at Quality Storage Buildings. 
   In 2013 he received a job offer from Anderson Homes in Swainsboro, so they relocated close to Jen's family in GA.
   Durrel wanted experience working with another contractor before he launched his own business.
   Durastor Structures has been years in coming and it’s a dream come true. Durrel has always been a man to strive for excellence and you will see that in his products and customers. Above all Durrel’s goal for Durastor Structures is to bring God glory and be an asset in the local community.