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Quality from the Past....        Building for the Future

   What is different about a storage shed from DuraStor Structures? At DuraStor Structures we put precision into every component of our portable buildings. Through our years of experience we've tested and chosen products that we've seen exceptional results from .​
   Floors are the foundation of the storage building. The way the floor is constructed determines how the shed will assemble and last. Just like house foundations are key to longevity. We use a 4x6 Pressure Treated skid. 4x6s are more rigid and keep the shed a bit higher off the ground away from moisture. Our 4x6s are not notched so you get the full strength of the main support member under the storage shed. Floor joist are pressure treated and on 16" center. 2x4 joist have been standard for years. Although in our Max storage buildings 2x6 joist make a stronger floor. We use 5/8 sanded sturdi floor plywood flooring. All flooring components are assembled with hot dipped galvanized nails.
   Walls are framed with premium grade 2x4s. Studs are on 16" centers. Most competitors will stud on 24" center, but standard framing is 16". Our walls have a unique double top plate. We use a 2x8 to give more strength and incorporate an overhang. We use 50 year. Smart Panel Siding and Trim to side the exterior. We've used Smart Panel for over 17 years. We've tried others but it's proven to be the best product on the market for storage buildings. It’s treated to prevent swelling, rot, termites, etc.. Walls and trim are painted with an industrial 15 year. paint.
   Rafters are cut out of premium grade lumber. They are plated with steel connector plates to keep them rigid and assist against roof sags. Rafters are placed on 24" centers and decked with Tech Shield OSB. What's tech shield? It's a special foil barrier that will radiate out the heat and prevent your building from getting extremely hot in the summer. You will find your building staying up to approximately 30% cooler with Tech Shield. (We felt like tech shield needed to be a standard feature on our stoarge buildings to keep our customers and their items cooler). Roofs are shingled with 20 year or 30 year shingles depending on your choice of building. All roofing components are nailed on.
   Doors require special attention to last and to keep water and rodents out of the building. We use an overlay system to provide a tight sealed door. This has proven to be very effective. Doors are framed with a 2x4 frame and steel connector plates. Your storage shed will come with a locking keyed latch and a diamond plated door threshold.